Windshield replacement - use my insurance?

I had my car in for service today and asked for a price to replace my windshield which developed a crack over the weekend. The service writer recommended that I turn it over to my insurance!
I’ve read something about this idea before, but don’t remember any details.
I need the straight dope.

Yes. Windshield replacement is usually (check your policy) free and doesn’t count as a accident claim so there’s no raise in premiums. Mine has no deductible on glass, others may vary.

True. For the insurance company, it’s cheaper than paying for a crash when you couldn’t see. It’s the same for windshields clouded by sand, dust, etc.

Many glass shops will come to you at home or work, and change it there. How easy can it get?

Glass replacement is about as painless and efficient and things come in this world. Just call the glass company and they will send a technician to meet you wherever you want. It only takes about 30 minutes to replace it under most circumstances. I never had to call my insurance company at all. The glass companies have always done that for me and it has never affected my rates.

A little late for you, but something you might consider:

Because there is a lot of construction here in Las Vegas (well, less now during this economy) there are many trucks with gravel and I often see bouncing rocks flying on the road in front of me from some overloaded gravel truck!

My insurance company told me that I could get a special insurance premium to cover windshield replacement, just in case one of those rocks hit my windshield. I think it only costs me about $5.00 extra per year!

Sure enough - about three years later a rock came flying into my windshield and hit it hard enough to put a slight crack on it. Got it replaced, no charge, and was glad I paid that little extra premium. Considering it would have cost me about $300 or more, I figure I got my money’s worth and still have that little extra premium attached to my policy.

Two comments. First, most damage to windshields can be repaired by filling with resin. Many auto policies pay for this in full. The company my insurance works with says they’ll repair chips or cracks as long as they’re smaller than a dollar bill. The thing to remember about repairs is that you need to get them done immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to need replacement. Replacement can be very expensive depending on your vehicle. Even then, the insurance company typically has some negotiated rates with repair shops and may be able to get you a better deal.

I’d call the insurance company, especially if the chip/crack is within the fillable range. If it isn’t, then make them one of your calls when you’re getting repair estimates. They may be able to get you a negotiated repair for less than you would otherwise. And, as others have noted, most of the repair shops can come to you and will do it quickly and painlessly. Fills are especially easy. Replacements take longer and they recommend you not drive until the seal sets which could be an hour or so. Total time my car was out of pocket for the time I had it replaced was about 2 hours. An hour for the replacement(including removal of the old windshield) and another hour while the polyurethane set.


I like the other, the “they’ll pay”, posts much better. :wink:
I cautiously await Liberty Mutual’s reply.


I had two broken windshields, fifteen years apart, both in New Jersey under Allstate insurance.

The first one was replaced for free.
The second time (15 years later) they told me there was a $500 deductible, so I just had it done myself.

AFAIK, nothing obvious changed over fifteen years, but I was quite willing to admit that something in the rules had changed.

In other words: the only way to know is to call your own carrier and see what your policy covers.

In Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts and South Carolina state law requires an insurance company to replace windshields for free as long as the vehicle has comprehensive coverage.

My windshield is pitted, so it can be hard to see when driving straight into the sun. There are also a couple of small chips, under half an inch diameter. They’ve been there for years and they haven’t expanded. Is there any chance insurance might replace my windshield? I’ve read that there’s nothing you can do about pitting except to replace the whole thing.

I have Liberty Mutual and have glass coverage on my policy. I got my windshield replaced a few months ago due to a crack, and it was no problem, nothing out of my pocket. I live in MN, if that’s relevant.

I am a SC resident, but will be working out of town in Texas for the next month. My windshield cracked on the way over here. Can i get it replaced under the free SC replacement law by a person over here in TX? I dont want to drive around with a cracked windshield for the next month.

Not all can be filled, however, even if smaller than the dollar-bill size. This one could not, presumably because it was curved. Which was too bad, as it meant I had to pay a 100 dollar deductible vs. a completely free repair.

Assuming you’ve got glass coverage, it should be straightforward enough (we have LM also). You can log onto their website and check your policy terms, I think.

$250 for my new windshield.
I’m still ahead considering policy cost, but I won’t be with many more of these.

Did you specifically check the deductible for the comprehensive part of your coverage?

I just checked our policy and it’s 100 for comprehensive (which is what handles windshields), and 500 for collision. We paid just the 100 for the windshield. Obviously your policy details will vary but my point is, the comprehensive might be a lot lower than a thousand.

You should be able to check your policy figures etc. at (you’ll need your policy number I think if you don’t already have an online account set up there).

Minnesota too, but I don’t think Wisconsin. Weird.

If you’re paying out of pocket and looking to save a few bucks, see if you can find a place that does used auto glass. My mechanic gave me this bit of advice (and recommended a local place) when some schmuck smashed in my passenger windows, and it saved me 50%.

I might do this for any but the windshield. I was surprised how bright and clear my new glass was after installation.
If money were tight (for me) I’d probably consider it, but I don’t need to now. I’ll leave it for someone who really needs it. Don’t we have a halo smiley somewhere? :wink:

Hey so how much did your new windshield cost? i have the same problem and i also have liberty mutual with the comprehensive coverage