Tell Me About Your Bed

So my wife and myself are looking to get a brand new Cal King bed. What is most important to us is that we can’t tell too much when the other is moving around. We looked at a few, a Beautyrest, a Tempurpedic (we decided we don’t like the memory foam), a Sleep number and then we went to some speciality store with a very comfortable “European” style bed (whatever that means, it was different than the standard matress/boxspring combination). There are also Hotel beds you can buy online from Marriott and Westin which are very nice, if I recall.

Anyway, I was wondering if dopers could offer their opinions on their beds, especially any recent purchases. Thanks.

I bought my bed a few months ago, and it’s the nicest bed I’ve ever owned. Queen sized, Sleep number, from City Furniture (probably a regional chain, but I don’t know).

The sleep number thing may be sort of a gimmick (not sure); the sales person basically said that small, skinny people are 1’s; big, fat people are 4’s; and most everyone else is a 2 or 3 (I’m a 3, being six feet and about 200 pounds).

On top of my bed, I have a slice of tempurdedic foam and a mattress cover, so there’s some extra padding. It’s all soft and giving when I get into it, and probably the best investment I’ve ever made (I don’t recall what the mattress cost by itself, but it was about $1,200 with the frame).

I’d be really suspicious of a hotel bed; I can imagine the horrible collection of dust mites that may have accumulated over the years, and I’ve never been in a hotel bed that was anything softer then a wooden board.

I’d be especially wary if it was purchased off the internet, where you don’t have a chance to test it out. When buying a bed, I highly recommend actually laying in it for a good 20 minutes, right there in the store, onlookers be dammned, and toss and turn just like you might do while sleeping. This is a big investment, and not one to be timid about!

While I agree about ordering any big purchase off the internet, the hotel beds are new beds, not used beds from hotels. Several hotel chains (Westin and Marriott for example) have ther own line of beds that they have custom made, which you can buy.

I don’t recommend the “memory foam” type. You sink into them and feel trapped, like you’d fallen into a tub of mud. Some people swear by them, of course, but to me they have the same problem as cots and hammocks, that you are unable to shift position easily.

Just to piss Ped X-ing off I heartily recommend the memory foam type mattresses. It is by far the best bed I have slept on.

One big advantage to the memory foam matresses is that you are isolated from everything else. If someone’s tossing and turning on the other side, you will not feel it. If someone flops down with all their weight on it, you won’t feel it.

But yes, you may feel like you’re buried in wet sand. Some people simply adore these things and other hate them. For me, it was the worst mattress I ever slept on - I’d wake up all cramped up and barely able to move. Happily, we bought it from a shop with a 90-night return period, so we swapped it for one of the “Do Not Disturb” mattresses from Simmons that has a 1-inch thick topper of memory foam, and that’s been good for our backs and it does a pretty good job of isolating the tossing and turning.

I have a queen sized Tempurpedic mattress, and it is by far the most comfy mattress I’ve ever slept on. Standard mattresses make my arms fall asleep and stuff when I sleep in a weird position…but not so with a Tempurpedic. I also use a memory foam pillow, to complete the whole thing.

Another feature of the memory foam style mattresses is that they are relatively easy to move, just roll em up and stuff 'em in the car. :slight_smile: They are also effectively immortal as long as you don’t cut chunks out of them or something, the one I have is nearly 10 years old and still looks like new.

We bought a Beautyrest about 2 years ago, and we no longer notice when the other is moving. I like a softer mattress, while husband prefers a firmer one, and this one is fine for both of us. I’d buy another one.

I bought a Sealy Posturpedic three months ago, and absolutely love it. Firm, but with a nice topper so its very comfortable. You can tell when someone else is moving around, however. Having a layer of memory foam would definately help with that (unless your bedmate is 300lbs, like mine).

I personally didn’t like the sleep number beds, and despise memory foam. I dislike even sitting on it, let alone trying to sleep. It also tends to hold heat, which is very bad down here in the hot, humid south.

When we got a memory foam ,my wife said I quit snoring. I do not snore. Also foam does not allow mites and other critters with a home ,so they are better for allergies. They come in different levels of resistance. Some are sinkier than others.

My bed is just a very old spring type with a thick mattress. I kinda sink into it, and I love it. The only real problem is that I’m not sharing it with anyone atm!

My bed is a big pile of money with many beautiful ladies.

When picking out mattresses, Acid Lamp and I tried one of those Tempurpedic mattresses. Our complaint with it was that, since it’s a giant block of synthetic foam (with space age synthetic foam technology!), it tends to trap your body heat against you. This was a HUGE problem for us, but might be a plus for you. I would suggest trying out as many mattresses as you can in person before doing some online shopping; it’ll make things a lot easier.

We’ve got one memory foam bed (Tempurpedic knockoff) and it’s very comfortable. It is a bit odd until you get used to it, though.

My bed is solid latex, extra-firm with a softer top layer. Similar to the memory-foam but not quite as much sink-in feeling. The latex doesn’t hold heat like the foam, which was the primary reason for choosing it - I’m a serious heat producer.

Love my bed. I no longer wake up with back and head aches every day.

After spending one night in my bed and trying out the foam bed, some friends also bought a memory-foam. I think they went with the foam because it was on sale when they got it.

That was several months ago and they’re still going on about how comfy it is.

A question for you memory foam fans. Does your bed make you sweat? ISTM that they wouldn’t breath very well.