Tell me about your electric stove.

I’m in the market for a new stove. Theoretically, I could get a propane one since I have a propane water heater and furnace on the other side of the kitchen wall but propane is expensive and the price varies dramatically. My current electric stove is the old fashioned coil top type. Heating is erratic and uneven. Cleaning is a pain in the butt.

What do you have? What are your likes and dislikes? Any info would be appreciated.

GE electric stove. Seriously considering switching to propane even though I’ll have to get bottles for it. Heat control with electric is difficult. Around here the costs of using propane and electric would be about the same, natural gas would be much less but we don’t have a line running up our street.

We’re waiting for our electric stove to die so we can switch to propane. Same situation as TriPolar, we have propane but no natural gas service.

I’ve used the coil range and the smooth top and hated both. A friend who bought a top-rated electric range for her new house a few years ago got rid of it – before it died – and switched to gas. You never see cooks on TV using anything but gas.

We have a small gas range in the basement, used during canning season, and when we need extra oven space and burners during the holidays. I love that you get immediate heat and that it’s easily controlled.

Die stove, die!

My electric stove? Whoa… Dude… It’s a stove. And… it’s electric! :eek:

OK, seriously…

I have a Kenmore. Basically the same as the one that was in the house when I bought it, and which was from the late-'70s/early-'80s. Much better than the old one. No simulated wood grain to clean, for one thing.

But I’ve not gotten the knack of electric elements, even though I’ve lived here almost a decade. I grew up with gas, and would switch if given the chance. But they won’t run a gas line up here, so I’m SOL. Temperature control is not as easy as with gas, as the elements heat up and cool down, heat up and cool down, heat up and cool down. This is modulated somewhat by the use of my heavy Calphalon tri-ply pots and pans and cast iron pans, which help keep the heat more steady.

Favorite feature of my electric stove - it has a removable heat shield that splits the oven into two separate ovens. I have two convection fans, and separate controls. So I can cook two things at once, at different temperatures.

I can remove the shield, and have one normal sized oven, if I’m making something big like a turkey.

Miele induction stove. Damn, are these things energy efficient and fast. You need ferrous cookware though, and it takes some getting used to. But, you can boil a big ass pot of water in maybe a quarter of the time of a regular gas or electric.

A smooth top electric inhabits my kitchen. It seems like all of these things are really made by someone called Ceran.

I hate it. Slow to heat up, slow to cool down.

I’m giving serious thought to running a gas line to the kitchen.