Tell me about your most common dreams.

A common theme in mine seems to be wondering through the twilight or night covered streets of a big city. I’m lost but have a definite idea about where I need to go. Problems is, the streets keep taking unexpected turns, continuously steering me away from my desired destination. Usually, I know I need to climb to some higher point up hill. The streets leading me away are all downhill.

Eventually I walk into a house/home that I recognize as being mine but is actually nowhere I’ve actually lived IRL. But it looks familiar except none of my stuff is there anymore. Who is there is my ex and her bf. He looks different every time but it’s always the same guy. Last night he had a head shaped like Homer Simpson’s with more hair. As with almost every time I have this dream, I beat the crap out of him and leave him curled up on the floor. My ex is sometimes upset that I’ve done this and sometimes relieved. My kids are almost never in this dream but I get the feeling that they are in their room asleep through the entire episode.

I then return to wondering through the streets in search of a way home.
…Hmmm?.. Thank you doctor… should we increase the requency of our sessions? :dubious:

My most common dream is one of finding rooms I’d forgotten about in my house. The actual locations and items change, but the theme is exactly the same: I open a door, thinking “I forgot this door was even here!” and find a whole set of wonderful rooms that I had forgotten existed. Sitting rooms, libraries, lounges, all with beautiful furniture and decorations, cool gadgets. I’m always thrilled to have rediscovered this part of the house. Then I step out a back door, and I’m standing in a forgotten part of my yard - overgrown with weeds, broken down lawn tractors, rusty gas cans, etc.

The pattern is so rigid that it seems it must mean something (to me and my subconscious, that is) but I have no idea what, really.

And just after I wake up, I feel a silly sadness that those rooms don’t really exist. Once, in one of the rooms, I found a box of old pictures of me when I was a kid, letters my dad had written to me, letters my mother’s relatives had written to her (and mentioned me in). I was so happy in my dream to have found them - and so disappointed when I woke up.

I haven’t been remembering a lot of dreams lately, but in general (and this holds all the way back into my early childhood), my dreams are populated by

a) Tigers and/or bears seeking entry to the house, getting progressively closer and eventually getting in. The dream usually ends right as they get to my door.

b) Spiders and insects taking over the house from the inside out, eventually covering every surface. In these dreams I’m running room to room trying to find somewhere there aren’t bugs.

Otherwise I get a random mishmash of warped situations taken from my life and the occasional aberrant nightmare. My brain doesn’t seem to like me much.

I posted [EMAIL=]this over in IMHO, in a discussion of recurrant dreams.

I mean a nightmare not like the others, not that nightmares are rare.

Dreams that I can remember after waking occur infrequently for me. If there is a recurring aspect in mine, it is along similar lines to the places I’ve lived or visited coming in all disguised or rearranged. The street(s) will be all wrong, hills will be where the real place is on flat ground (or vice versa), extra rooms will be involved, but I’m rarely walking those streets. Usually driving some vehicle I never owned IRL.

I keep wondering if these are instances of past lives (or lives yet to come) and why my subconscious has to disguise stuff.

Walking into class & finding out this is the day of the final exam & i have skipped
every class for the semester. I still have this dream every once in a while & i am 41 years old.

About once a month I remember dreaming about violently beating my mother, sometimes to the point of death. Usually she has done nothing to merit such a gruesome demise, but my rage is uncontrollable. The odd thing is that I really don’t dislike my mother at all. :frowning:

Paging Dr. Freud…

For about 3 weeks I have been dreaming repeatedly about a former lover. It’s driving me crazy - I was nuts about this man!

Main themes:

  1. Calculus class: can’t understand a thing, forgot to drop the course, exam is tomorrow. Variations include unfinished homework and book is in locker with forgotten combination.
    1b) Forgot to drop a couple of extra history classes and now have three brand-new term papers, sans any idea of topics, due in 2 days.
  2. Abject poop dreams. Absolutely must go but can’t find anywhere appropriate that is in working order/ unobserved by high school PE classmates, etc. The act itself is messy involving missing the toilet, hitting shirttails, etc. Some sort of potential public humilitation is involved.
  3. Vampires/ body snatchers/ some kind of baddies that are indistinguishable from regular acquaintances
  4. Driving off cliff. Often in exotic locales, like seacliffs in festive Spanish town.
  5. Moving house.
  6. Air travel (includes airports. Complicated surreal snafus and complications. Often air crashes implied)

I dream of an old cemetery. There are old fashioned mausoleums and the headstones with porcelain photographs on them. It’s a very familiar-seeming place, although it doesn’t exist (that I know of) in the real world. Typically, I walk around in look at the headstones a bit and then try to enter a mausoleum. Each time I have the dream, I wake up just as I get the door open.

Wow - my first thought was “I don’t really have recurring dreams” but when I saw this, I realized that I’ve had exactly this same sort of dream a few times. Extra rooms in the basement of our old townhouse. Second-story rooms in the house I grew up in (a ranch house, so there was no second story).

This next isn’t exactly a recurring dream, more like a recurring element in a variety of dreams: Whenever I am “at home”, it is virtually always at the house I grew up in, even though in the dream I may clearly be an adult. Haven’t lived in that house since 1981. I think I’ve had perhaps one dream set in my townhouse (lived there for 13 years as an adult, both kids born while living there), and none set at my current house (home for past 2 years). I’m sure this carries some deep meaning about my psychological state…

I get this one too, and I’m also several years out of college. The “forgot to drop the class” theme that capybara mentioned is common as well. I only recently learned that some of my friends get the same dream.

Pretty weird.

I still have this type of dream, and I am 58. It is a very common dream among college grads of all ages.

I sometimes dream that I am out riding my bicycle across town somewhere, and I suddenly realize that both tires are flat. All gas stations and bike shops are closed, or else are open, but with defective air pumps.

I also often dream about downtown sections of cities, and the cities are Minneapolis, Baltimore, Long Beach Ca., or Midtown Manhattan.

I dream about taking trips on airplanes, but the planes don’t fly - they cruise down freeways at very high rates of speed, and I am concerned that the wings are going to clip trees at the sides of the road.

I dream about bodies of water - rivers, oceans, lakes, streams overflowing onto streets.
I dream I am back in the Army - but I am excited because there are now women in my company (!) (Yeah!)

I get that one, too. Other recurring dreams that I get:

The dream where I’ve signed up for a class that I’ve forgotten about all semester, and realized it’s time for the final exam. The last time I had that one was last weekend.

I’m trying to get to some very important event (it’s been the GRE’s, as well as others). I’m driving along, trying to find the place where it’s happening, and I can’t. I can sometimes see it from a distance, but I can’t ever get close to it. This keeps up, as I realize that I’m running later and later.

I’m going somewhere (to school, about to walk up the aisle at my wedding) when I realize I’m not wearing shoes. I think this may be my version of the “naked dream”. I know where my shoes are, but something is preventing me from going there and getting them. No one else in the dream realizes that I’m not wearing shoes, and I know that if I tell anyone, they won’t do anything to help me. In the one where I was going to school with no shoes, there was a teacher guarding the door of the gym locker room, where my sneakers were. I knew that, if she found out I wasn’t wearing shoes, she would send me home for it, rather than letting me through the door to get my sneakers.

I get that one too! Usually it’s the ocean, and there are really huge waves, covering the entire beach. I’m trying to run away from the waves, but they always get me.

I also have one about bridges- I’m driving over a bridge, and there’s a gap in the bridge that I have to drive really fast to jump over.

I constantly have dreams about toilets. Usually, I’m either trying to find one, trying to find one that works, trying to find one that isn’t out in the open somewhere, trying to find one that is clean enough to use, or trying to find one that isn’t occupied. I have had litterally thousands of dreams about this topic and I have no idea what it means.

In my dream, I feel that I have to use the bathroom so bad that my bladder or my butt will explode, but when I wake up, I don’t have to use the bathroom. I’m clueless.

Swanky glue-- I am so glad you have the bathroom crisis/ abject poop dream, too. I was starting to think there was somethign really wrong with me.

My dreams almost always seem to involve me getting chased by evil pursuers. I’m running, jumping, hiding, ducking… but I always get away in the end, shaking with fear and my pulse racing, before I wake up. Very Odd.

I have had many many dreams about my teeth falling apart. Not just falling out, mind you, but I will be eating something, adn then they will all start to crack and crumble and I am left with a jaw of nothing but gums.

I once heard this was a sign of fear od old age…maybe.