Tell me about your strange "friend" requests on Facebook

I haven’t been back to my hometown much since I moved away, so contact with my cousins and the like has mostly been via meeting up at funerals, the occasional wedding, and now Facebook.

One day I got an invite from a distant relative who I probably haven’t seen in 20 years - IIRC he’s a second cousin once removed (son of my mom’s cousin), who saw my posts via the feed of a cousin of mine.

I accepted. I was a little puzzled at his weird, “foreign-sounding” (and not exactly masculine or going with his plain first name) middle name, but didn’t think much of it - until I saw “his” posts.

His wife actually uses their account, not him. We’ve never met. She uses terrible grammar and spelling when posting, and fortunately in this instance, Facebook’s insistence at not showing you stuff from someone’s feed if you (almost) never interact with them appears to be working to my advantage here.

Side rant, and please point me at an update if I missed it: Fuck that noise otherwise - if a favorite band “delurks” on their Facebook feed to announce some Really Big News in a post, I fucking want to see it. I don’t care if I haven’t been mindlessly spamming Likes all over their page for months to keep the software thinking I totally <3 them, and I’m sure people on my Friends list will appreciate not seeing lame shit like that in their feeds as well. I can’t even find out where to hide all of my “Likes” from being broadcast, and I swear that used to be an option.

A complete stranger, who had one friend in common with me (a woman I knew in Stirling about 6 years ago, and haven’t seen in about 4 years, but keep on my FB list anyway). I asked the stranger where I knew her from, and got a weird reply saying she lives in Wales, but used to live in Stirling, and that her husband just died a week ago.

The chances are she was just lonely and a bit mad from grief, friending anyone she thought she might know from her past, but my cynical mind assumed some kind of grieving-widow scam, and blocked her. I must ask someday if my Stirling friend actually knew her for real, and what the deal was.

How can one be scammed through facebook?

A girl I used to work with just suddenly started getting loads of really big, garish tattoos (and posting pictures of them on Facebook. She keeps suggesting that I friend the tattoo parlour.

The same way one can be scammed by any sympathy-troll online - they get your attention, pour out their sob story, and hope to elicit offer of help, gifts, cash, etc from well meaning suckers. Umkay was unusual in that respect, she made it clear that she didn’t need or want the SDMB’s money.

That’s what I thought. So simply accepting someone’s friend request does no real harm. Falling for their BS stories does, of course.

My best friend’s housekeeper. Seriously. I had met her twice, and she is nice enough, but we aren’t friends. She is friends with my friend, so I guess it makes some sense. I have also had a few young women friend request me after briefly meeting at a party. I don’t get it. The only thing that makes any sense to me at all is trying to build up their numbers.

“You don’t have 254 friends. You have 4 friends. And you’re happy about that.”
-Source unknown

I had a random guy friend request me. When I send him a message, asking him how we knew each other (as I had no idea who he was), he promptly blocks me. :confused: Gee, bummer.

It’s possible that he clicked you by mistake. I’ve done that.

Who’s to say the ultimate goal there WASN’T to reel us all in for a year or so, and then have a “terrible financial crisis!!!1!”?

A former schoolmate. Not a classmate, and not someone I knew particularly well, but, coming from a small town, everyone knows everyone and/or their families, whether you ever speak to them or not. And, chances are there’s some kind of family connection whether by blood or marriage. He sends me a friend request, then two weeks later deletes me. It’s a mystery. Can’t be because of the controversial stands I post—since I don’t. Maybe he found out just how boring I really am.

I got a friend request from the fellow that tried to seduce/molest me (along with another friend) when I was around 10. Pretty sure he was just a horny teenager rather than a proper pedophile, but jeeze, does he think I was too young to remember?

I haven’t logged into facebook in about two and a half years. It really isn’t my thing. I’ll have to get back on it here in a minute since I’m going into a new venture and goddamn everybody in this world humps facebook like a drunken prom date.

As for weird friend requests, I have y’all beat. I run a renaissance faire. Nuff said. :smiley:

Not so much weird, but my Israeli cousins I don’t really know who post only in Hebrew. I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting out of the “friendship”. :slight_smile:

As someone who just does whatever I want to on FB w/o worrying about the “consequences”, what does the other person see/know when you do the following:

  1. Ignore a friend request
  2. Decline a friend request
  3. Unfriend somebody


The friend doesn’t get any notification at all for any of those situations. If you have a public profile they will continue to see everything. If any part of your profile is private, they might notice that they may not have access to parts of your profile they used to for situation 3. For 1 and 2 if they’re very observant they might notice that they never see much in your profile if its pretty private.

My cousin’s ex-wife. Not like we were even friends when they were married either… her currrent hubby decided to pick a fight with me the next day and it was BYE BYE!

My cousin’s son’s wife’s sister (I think) that lasted until she posted some wonder glurge about how awesome disabled children were and I posted a few real stories… that got ugly fast.

A totally random guy who I’d never met who happens to have the same last name as me. He went to some college I’d never heard of. I’m guessing he searched for his own last name and then tried to friend anyone who had the same one. I suppose it’s possible he’s some distant relative I’ve never met, but given that my dad is an only child, it’s unlikely.

So why block me?