Tell me 'bout Dallas...

Next weekend I’ve got a free trip to Dallas.
Well it’s for a goofy seminar, but it ends around 2:30 or 3 so my nights are free.
I know there’s a tattoo convention. I’m pumped about that.
What else should I do while in town?

Check in with the DFW Dopers.

Where to start? First of all, it is very HOT and humid here (Wait, you said next week? The weather will be quite different by then.)

Visit Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville for the bars (avoid the West End at all costs) The JFK library is also in the area, and you may want to take a very eerie ride down the route JFK took on that infamous day - almost 40 years ago. The Dallas Zoo is a nice choice, and it’s fun to get there by riding the DART rail down from the north.

It’s not a scenic city in terms of the landscape, so be prepared for loads of cement and killer traffic. The tattoo parlors are in Deep Ellum, loads of them! There are some excellent artists in the area.

I’m a married stay-at-home Texan, but I’m sure others have ideas for the newest fun spots. Log into (you must register) and check out the GuideLive section.

Enjoy your stay!

Yup, DART stops right outside the zoo, about 100 feet from the entrance. :slight_smile:

The new Gilley’s is open too. Yaaaaaaay! Gilleys is the bar made famous in the movie “Urban Cowboy” with John Travolta. :slight_smile:


Go see a Cowboys game, of course.

Head over to Fort Worth and visit the Kimbell Museum or Art, or the Amon Carter.

Check out the manatees and howler monkeys at the Dallas World Aquarium, right near downtown.

Eat steak. Try Bob’s Chop House or, my personal favorite, Pappas Bros.

Find out who’s playing at Trees. If it’s nobody you care about, go see whoever is playing at Poor David’s.

You could go to the midgnight movie at the Inwood and see the un-cut version of Re-Animator.

Another vote for the Dallas World Aquarium. It really has to be seen to be believed, but they have a very nice website. Tickets are kind of pricey though at 11 bucks each.


Well, J.R. got shot and Miss Ellie sort of kept the clan together. Sue Ellen drank too much, but got her revenge in the end. Bobby disappeared for a year, but came back out of a shower, pretended the last year was a dream and lost a lot of actors a gig by destroying their storylines.

That’s all I know about Dallas.

Oh, and a couple of Presidents came from the state of Texas…which is kind of odd, as nobody outside of Texas knows what the hell they do there.

You can access GuideLive directly without registering with the Dallas Morning News.

What part of town will you ve staying in? Downtown, North Dallas? Eating, drinking, and shopping are the major activities here.

Make that four presidents (Eisenhower, Johnson, and the Dubyas) came from Texas.