Tell me how "Object of my Affection" ends please (spoilers hoped for)

My situation is this: I watched more than half of the movie in question, but did not have the opportunity to see the ending. I am curious to know how it ended, but not curious enough to seek it out, especially since my most likely co-watchers would probably not be keen on a movie featuring Jennifer Anniston and her character’s gay roommate. In the interest of preventing spoilers in the mouse-over preview(even though this is not a particularly recent movie), I’ll explain the point to which I got in the next post.

At the time that my viewing was interrupted, Jennifer Anniston’s character (whose name I don’t remember) was attending a school play featuring her daughter. Also in the audience were Vince (the child’s father), Sister and family, and Lewis (policeman she met when her purse was stolen while she was pregnant) and possibly others. As I write this, I am assuming that George, the gay roommate, was directing the play, but I’m not sure, especially since this is the point where I realized that the people I was waiting for had arrived. The real question I want answered, I think, is did Anniston’s character ever find true love and get married? I’m not quite sure how much movie was left after the scene I described above.

It ends with the closing credits.