Tell me why you quit COH/COV or why I shouldn't

Like the WoW thread, I am considering cancelling my oath of loyalty to COH/COV:

General disenchantment with the system, play that feels more like work at times, lack of ability to find a “grown-up” team plus really poor balancing between the two games are leading to my disenchantment.

Why or why not? Am I just missing something.
As a side, I’d buy the character creator software as a stand-alone in a heartbeat, it is the most fun I seem to have with the game (well that and beating on Nazi’s).

My decision to quit CoH (like my decision to quit WoW) came after I realized that I was playing it only once or twice a week, and felt I was playing more out of obligation than out of genuine fun. My main was pretty high (lvl 46, I believe) and the grind was getting unbearable. Other factors were that I didn’t have any new powers to look forward to as I leveled, it was becoming impossible to solo my own missions, and my guild wasn’t particularly active anymore (so I had to rely on pick up groups). I had a number of alts that I built up to their 30s (I really enjoyed the early game), but it wasn’t worth sticking around for anymore.

Teaming doesn’t concern me overmuch, since I like to solo, and have been able to solo most things even with my empath. I’ve got more than a touch of alt-itis, and I enjoy learning the strategies that come with different builds (it’s a very different game when you’re playing an illusion/storm controller rather than an empathy/dark defender). I’ve also been having a bit of fun making and adding things to the CECIL base in CoH; now that the most useful basic items are in, I’ll probably start working on the villain base.

But those are reasons I’m still playing. If you’re not having fun, there’s no real reason not to take a break. You can always reactivate if you see something interesting in an update.

Oh, and there’s a stand-alone costume creator out there. It’s the Korean version, and I’ve heard it’s a bit buggy, but you can download it and try it out. Here’s the link from the boards:

You’ll have to register on the site to get to it, I think. I hope your Korean is better than mine. :slight_smile:

I have joined and cancelled twice. Both times, it was because of the sentiments you cite. However, for me it always began when my character reached the mid 20s.

But really, my problem with the game was the redundancy.

No matter how pretty it was, the missions were always:

  1. Go to (SETTING)
  2. Fight various bad guys.
  3. Fight most powerful bad guy, who was not particularly interesting.

Rinse and Repeat.

I’m a very casual player of CoH and I don’t even own CoV yet, so I don’t really feel qualified to talk anyone into staying. However, I did want to throw one or two facts at you.

cckerberos mentioned the difficulty soloing one’s own missions at high levels. Often, this is due to an Archvillian or a Hero at the end of the mish. They have just added a feature (the patch went live yesterday) that downgrades AV-level mobs to Elite Boss status in certain situations, like when you are solo or on a small team and not at the top difficulty settings.

Second, are either of you on the Virtue server with heroes or on Protector (I think. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.) with villians? We have SDMB supergroups there. They are far from the most active, but you should visit.

The hero SG is C.E.C.I.L. (Cecil’s Extraordinary Counter-Ignorance League) and the villian group is The Urban Legends. There have been some sub-groups spawned along the way, but I’m not too familiar with those. Contact @Culex (a leader in both groups, the master of our web presence, and someone who seems to be in Paragon City or the Rogue Isles just about constantly) in game, and check out earlier threads about the game here (such as the big, old thread.)

Though work and life have seriously crimped my play time, I have not quit and don’t plan to. I still enjoy it. However, I will make no case as to why you should or should not remain. You know what is fun for you. If it isn’t fun, quit. It’s a game; there is no oath of loyalty.

I have both CoH and CoV. Many Dopers have heroes on Virtue and villains on Protector. Join the global chat channel CECIL, which is populated by friendly faces. Many of us are always happy to team up with other Dopers (since we tend to be more mature (and intelligent and hip) than the average gamer). I’m @VoltValkyrie in-game, send me a tell and I’ll help you out.

I’ve taken long breaks from the game, but with CoV I’ve been playing more frequently. It’s easy to do a mission or two in a half hour. So even when my time is extremely limited, I can have a little romp pounding on badguys. Although missions are repetitive, playing only a few hours a week keeps it from getting too boring for me.

I have severe altitus also. Because every archetype plays differently, and even different power sets are substantially different, plus the huge number of costume options, I like to make a new character regularly. It’s fun to try different playstyles.

I’m a terrible one for alt-itis myself. I’m, of course @ddgryphon, since I’ve been on the web since the mid to late 80’s and I’m known by that name – feel free to google me, just to see. (you’ll even get my >gasp, argh< secret identity)

So, Virtue is for heroes, Protector is for Villains–I’ll see how things go this week – I’m doing a bunch of tax stuff and trying to launch that webzine, so, time is a factor for me right now ($15 a month for 1 hours play figures into it somewhat as well, though not the whole driving factor behind it).

Thanks all.

CoV is getting a whole bunch of stuff in I7.

I left because of feeling like I was obligated to play instead of looking forward to it. I got my main character to 50, after that, I just wasn’t as excited about playing. Still a great game, and I loved the CECIL supergroup, but it just finally lost the excitement for me.

Still haven’t uninstalled it from my computer. No idea why, just hard for me to let go I guess. And I quit in October.

For me, Online games come come in two vareities: The kind I play for a while and then stop because they feel more like work then anything else, or they just don’t interest me(most of them), and the kind I like so much that I spend all my free time playing it, cosuming my life(CoH).

The first just isn’t worth the money, and the 2nd leads to very bad things.

Part of the “problem” is that of time. Players like Pleonast and me simply don’t have the time to get obsessed with the game and power our characters up to the top levels (unless Pleonast has been ‘cheating’ on me in my absence and PL-ing up to 50 ;)) The game tends not to get old that way, assuming you enjoyed it to begin.

I played very briefly. I don’t think I finished my free month. It was just too much of the same thing. Find place. Fight through henchmonkeys. Fight boss. Find next place. More henchmonkeys. More boss. Lather. Rinse. Regurgitate. It just wasn’t something that I was willing to pay a monthly fee to do.

I beta’d for COV and it was just really buggy - I know some or most of that must have been sorted, but it did put me right off. Plus, as others have said, repetitive playing.

I didn’t beta for it, but I did make the mistake of buying the game before first patch. Things that worked fine in CoH were suddenly broken, and there were all sorts of new bugs that kept popping up that just made the game nearly unplayable. There was a bunch of broken missions and all sorts of crap. So we closed the account, and moved to WoW.

I’d like to start playing CoV again now that they’ve had time to patch it up a bit, but to be honest I’m having a lot of fun in WoW. IME the sense of community I’ve found is a lot more inclusive than CoH/V ever was, and I’m having more fun grouping for more quests where in the City games I’d dread the missions I couldn’t solo, because then I’d have to pick up a group.

I’m having a great time in CoV - so much so that my heroes have been almost completely neglected since it came out - well, except for my fire/devices blaster; I keep coming back to her because she’s just so gosh-darned FUN!

CoV is a smarter game, I think. The fact that you can get missions from the newspapers and never touch a ‘Contact’ for missions if you so desire is good. The fact that all your missions are in the one zone is very good. And the villains are smart-arses, and I like that.

I also like the way the street mobs actually beat each other up instead of faking it for the cameras. It adds a touch of realism.

I can’t tell you to stick with the game - you either like a game or you don’t, and what makes it fun for me might leave you utterly cold. Just look at it objectively and decide: am I having fun or not? If not, find another game where you -will- have fun.

That’s my system; works for me. :smiley:

I wish people wouldn’t use obscure acronyms and not explain what they mean, especially when the conversation goes on and on between people who assume everybody else is just supposed to somehow just know.

If it wasn’t for the link in Lute Skywatcher’s post, I still wouldn’t have a clue.

For those in my boat, they’re talking about games called City of Heroes and City of Villains, whatever they are.

I think that if you don’t know what the acronym means then it is safe to assume that the thread won’t interest you.

GuanoLad: Did you ever put on a cape and run around the house pretending to be Superman? Then City of Heroes is the game for you to try. It’s a massively multiplayer online game about being a superhero.
City of Villains is the counterpart, where you can be the dastardly Lex Luthor, slinky Catwoman, maniacal Green Goblin.

CoV is newer and has the latest and prettiest stuff, but they’re updating CoH to match it in a month or two. The two games do interact.

I think Brainiac4 and I will continue to play because its something we do together. We don’t watch TV, don’t read the same books often. Its something we can log into for half an hour and ditz with when the kids go to bed - and until another game comes along that captures our attention.

Don’t like the grind and prefer characters to their mid-20s. Neither Brainiac4 and I have gotten anyone to 50 yet (Thermo is still at 46 and Eliza at 45), because the hour at a time play style is much more rewarding at low levels - logging in every night for a week to get two bubbles isn’t fun.