Tell me your stories of incompetent or lazy coworkers and group members

I’m just having problems with a group member for a major 4th year business project. We’re supposed to do a write up of our company and write an industry definition and she gives up work of substandard quality and doesn’t even sufficiently cite her work… unless you consider a list of links at the end sufficient.

I’m especially annoyed because we are one person short of the recommended group size and, one time, while we were looking at the people who still needed to join groups, she kept looking at them, assessing, and saying things like, “Oh yeah, he’s a hard worker.” My friend, who had worked with her before, kept looking at me with a face that said, “Is this girl serious? Is she a hard worker?”

In case you were wondering why she’s in our group, she and my friend had agreed to work together for our major 4th-year project a long time ago, before she realized that this girl was just not very good in groups.

I laugh when I remember that this girl wants to go get her Masters degree. Bwahaha… If she actually gets in, she will die under all the pressure. She thinks I’m uptight? :rolleyes:

Clueless about Referencing

Another time, last year, I was working with this other girl who was a year ahead of me and she did not know what APA style referencing was. I am not kidding… And to think, all business students have to have used it maybe 50 times by the time they reach 4th year. I was so shocked and was particularly frustrated at that time (I was putting together our group paper) and I kind of came off bitchy/bossy on an email where I told her to properly reference.

At least her work was good, and I don’t think there were any hard feelings…

Worst Group Member… Ever

That same semester, there was this girl who was absent from many of our classes and was really bad at getting in touch with us. The day her part of our looooong report was due, she kept delaying her email with her work, saying that she’d get it done… until she eventually said she’d send it one hour before the project was due. That’s right, ladies and gents. ONE HOUR BEFORE.

That’s not even the worst part. When we finally got her file, it was about half a page double spaced, and we quickly found out her single source material using Google. Her work was 80% copied directly from Luckily, one of our group members was able to make a page’s worth of company information, with financial data, in little over 10 minutes. We were so pissed off, we told the prof what happened and told her we didn’t want the girl to get any marks for our group report.

When she found out, she sent us all an email telling us we were terrible and should’ve contacted her about it, because then we would’ve learned of “personal problems” that she had. Maybe if she actually came to class the day the paper was due she could’ve been involved in the discussion. :rolleyes: It’s not my job to babysit 24-year-olds with constant emails! Gimme a break!

I heard she got off easy when she spoke to the professor. I ended up visiting her blog after the paper was submitted (she had given us the link earlier in the semester) and saw that, on the night before the report was due, she had managed to write a blog entry three times as long as the work she sent us. :rolleyes:

So… tell me your stories. Just so that I can feel better.

I had to retake a course once because my partner, who was otherwise a smart, hardworking girl, got stuck in a traffic jam (she claims) and submitted our final project 45min after the deadline.

It sucked, because

  1. 45min?! I have to retake the entire fucking course because my groupie submitted my project 45 minutes late? What could this possibly prove? Is retaking the course suppose to teach me a lesson about the merits of never trusting anyone, ever? This was obviously a blatant money grab by the professor/university.

  2. The girl was kind of cute, and seemed like a really nice person, but after this she was so mortified about her screw up (she was in tears when she called me) and I was so pissed about the whole thing we never spoke or saw each other ever again.

And THAT is the reason why I graduated university in 3.25 years instead of 3. :mad: