Tell me you're southern w/o telling me your southern

Blue Plate

One of the more disgusting food items I’ve encountered was during my AIT in Indianapolis. The mess hall served cold grits with milk and sugar.

That is definitley not the way to make grits!

Every recipe I know starts with:

Soften 1 stick of butter.

“We’re goin’down to the Wal-Mart”

No, Beck. You’re supposed to say something like “I like possum pie”. To which many of us would react “Acky, acky, acky!”

Y’all want some sugar with your sweet tea?

For New Year’s, I always make a Co’Cola Ham.

The North starts at Watford Gap services *

    • probably not the kind of Southern the OP was looking for.

I know you have diabetes, but Aunt Flo made her special pie. A little bit won’t hurt you.

SEC football, mint juleps and Type-2 diabetes

Mash the numbered elevator button for the floor you are going to.

Weeeell, doggies, I took to y’alls posts like a cold hog to warm mud!

I’ve cooked skillet fried chicken since the age of 12:


My southern corn recipe has three ingredients: corn, butter, bacon. As God himself intended:


Right this way for fat back and corn likker

Sorry, suh, this is a Southern Baptist picnic. Take your devil’s hooch somewhere away from all the ladyfolk.

Praise Jesus!

WDIA, the soul sound of the Mid South…

Sugar in cornbread?
That’s barbaric!

Yew talkin’ to me?

But I hates sweet tea.

I agree: Sweet tea is nasty

“Nice to meet you. What church do you attend?”

I like me some bo’lled peanuts.