Tell us about your online job!

Hey! You! You work online, do ya?

What is it you do? Tell the Straight Dope all about it?

Oi! Why are you reading this far. You wuz told to TELL US!

(with apologies to Dale Carnegie)

I’m a software developer for a company that runs online services and creates open source projects. I work from home, as does my team and almost all of the company.

Working from home is not for everyone. It sounds great, but some people struggle to deal with it, manage their time effectively and so on.

What do you want to know?

Similar to tellyworth - I’m a freelance software developer. My primary client specializes in airlines, but is branching out into a lot of different stuff. About half their developers are off-site, half in a small office (but who can work from home if they want).

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