Working from home online

Are any of the work from home online jobs legit? I just destroyed my life and need to try and find some work. If anybody knows of any please help. Thank You for any help

Very few.

This one is legit:

It’s customer service and pays around $8-$9 per hour.

I worked from home for about a year doing transcriptions of market research meetings/interviews. It was through a UK company and I’m going to assume you’re in the US, so the actual company name won’t help you, but there are legitimate jobs like that out there.

In order to get the job, I submitted a CV, was sent a bunch of material around their formatting guidelines, and was required to do a test transcription.

thank you very much

Consider a website like, which will help weed out the scams. (Other similar sites are: Elance,, RentACoder, oDesk.)

About those freelancer sites, though, just be aware that everyone in the world is also on those sites, and they don’t require minimum wage. I did a short stint for $5.00/hour when I was desperate. And that was the high end of the scale (at least in my experience on oDesk - I guess it really depends on the type of work).

Phone sex at home used to be legitimate. Or so I’ve heard.

A neighbor has a good office-type job at home (not phone sex), but she got it before moving away from the big city. When she told her boss she had to quit because of the planned move, he suggested she work from the new home, and she’s been doing it for 15 years quite successfully. She drives 200 miles to the office for a sales meeting once a month; the rest is all by Internet, telephone, fax and UPS.

If you first have to pay them for special software or training or materials, then that job is a scam.

It’s not legitimate sex.

We use those sites all the time to outsource work we can’t/don’t want to do. If you want to break into editorial, design, or coding, it could be a way of building a portfolio while earning something.

In fact, if they ask for money from you for any reason at all, then it’s a scam.

Yeah. See, the thing about a job is, a job is when they pay you. If you’re paying them, it ain’t a job.