Tells. or the Greta VanSustren (sp) thread

Ok, after watching fox news for awhile I noticed everytime Greta has a guest on that she respects/wants to be in the same league with, she starts talking out of the side of her mouth. Now if the guest is a nobody she is normal. Anyone else notice this?
Any other “tells” to point out?

      • Maybe it’s that face lift surgery acting up under stress or something. (I think she had more character before, visually-speaking)

It’s the thetans speaking.

Exactly, stressed. Just like Michelle Leigh, on fox thing in chicago. Ho bag fidgets when outside with a hunky guy. Seen that the other morning.

It’s not the facelift surgery. She did that before the surgery. Perhaps she had a minor stroke at one time.

I think it’s just her. She always does it. She always has.

Some days, I think the world will end (in fire or ice) and everything we know will be destroyed… except for Greta’s hair.

Maye she’s related to Eddie Money and that trait runs in their family:D