Temp Girl Knows It All!!

Listen here young lady you’ve been in this office for less than a week, you are trained to be a tennis coach not an office manager so stop telling me how to do my job!!! :mad:

Okay I feel better now.

What is it with young idealistic temps that makes them so god-damn annoying? This lass is quite a nice person, she is full of enthusiasm but knows nothing at all about office work. Yet she seems to be standing beside my desk every hour telling me a new and improved way to do things - be it advertising and PR or accounts or simply photocopying documents.

She did mention something about having ADD but not taking her medication because she doesn’t like feeling flat, this could account for the constant flow of conversation. But enough with the ideas already, let me be jaded in peace!

Note: No tennis coaches or kittens were harmed in the creating of this post.

If that’s the case maybe she doesn’t realise she’s being annoying? Even if not, she’s a temp so what do you have to lose by telling her nicely to shut up?

Silentgoldfish not much to lose - apart from her being the boss’s daughters best friend? Gotta mind my P’s and Q’s.

I have mentioned a few times now that I’m used to working alone and if I’m working on something I’d prefer she didn’t interrupt but the message hasn’t got through. If I tell her I’m busy she just stands beside my desk waiting for me to finish before she starts talking again - usually about something that has no relevance at all to the job she was given.

The first couple of days it was refreshing to have someone so enthusiastic in the office but now it’s just getting draining.

We sure could use a few ‘enthusiatic’ tennis-coach young ladies here in the datacenter…

Sounds like she is on the fast track to management. :smiley:

You are welcome to her Brutus :slight_smile:

Actually I have started an evil counter-attack by suggesting that she should share her ideas with the boss as I’m not in a position to approve them. He has suddenly decided that she only needs to be here for half the week :smiley:

Energetic Self-Starter Instantly Despised By Co-Workers

:smiley: fantastic link Guinastasia.

At least she doesn’t sit and talk on the phone or just read a book all day.

I’ll swap for my temp - she’s been here for three weeks, or rather she’s been here for about 2 days out of each of the last three weeks. And will my boss let me ring her agency and ask for a temp who knows what time-keeping means? Will she 'eckaslike.

Sheesh, is this woman an idiot? I’ve been temping all through college, and I’m smart enough to know that I was not hired to be smart, and that I’m not getting paid enough to do more than what I was hired to do. I was hired to perform specific tasks, almost always the tasks that everyone else in the office considers to be beneath them. If I come up with a new and improved technique that will make my job easier and will not disrupt the work of others then I’ll implement it, and even explain it to anyone who asks, but I have never been asked to act as a productivity consultant for the whole office and I sure as heck have never been paid a consultant’s salary!

Thanks Lamia … you have once again taken the words out of my mouth.

But I have to throw in an alternate view, from a temp:

I have worked as a temp in … um … can’t count, but well over a dozen offices. I have seven years of post-secondary education under my belt. (Many of us do ! surprise) I AM NOT A MORON but I get treated as such by 95% of the people I work with. People younger than me, with less work experience, office experience and education than me, treating me like an idiot because I need temporary work to fit in with my school terms and they have a full-time position. I know I am not paid for my ideas, education, or experience. But please, a little human respect.

And keep in mind what the Onion has to say about us !

Here’s a question - what was she hired to do?

Keep in mind I’ve been a temp, off and on, for many many years. And the last time someone treated me as less than a fellow employee, not only did I quit, but my agency had words with them and threatened never to send them another temp (and they were contractually obligated to hire only from that agency). Now that is a good temp agency to work for! :smiley:


I’ve temped, and I’ve consulted, and I’ve managed consultants.

I used to tell my $100 an hour consultants to shut their traps unless they are specifically there to give advice about the topic at hand.

I mean, if you can say nicely “Gee, your entire cluster implementation is not terribly functional, you know, I have some expertise in that area and can help you out if you want” it works - its wonderful, we get billable hours, client gets working cluster, consultant gets a chance to exercise his skills, everyone is happy. But too often what came out of their mouths was “How in the hell did you manage to fuck up installing the cluster software this bad? I’ve never seen such incompetence.” Or at least, that’s what the client always made it sound like they said, right before they gave notice on the contract.

I do hear you on that one. I’ve got less right to complain since I am still an undergraduate so it’s not like I have more experience or better credentials than most of the people I work with, but I do sometimes end up feeling like Marvin the Paranoid Android. “Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they think I don’t know how to use a copy machine already…” Sometimes even the praise seems patronizing. Yes, I did a good job making those copies because making copies is easy! A well-trained chimp could do it, but I’m sure buying a well-trained chimp would cost you a lot more than the puny wages I get paid!

But when I begin having thoughts like that I usually manage to stay perky by utilizing the secret weapon of all temps – reminding myself that I only have to work there temporarily! And that there aren’t a lot of jobs open to me that would allow me to spend so much of my summers getting paid to do what I’d be doing in my free time anyway, read the SDMB. :slight_smile:

Well I have been trying to treat her like an important part of the office team (which is just her and me so does that make us an office couple rather than a team?) I feel bad now for bitching about her yesterday but at least I did it on the SDMB and not to her.

We sat down and had a chat this morning while the boss is out and she is going to try to focus on her tasks and leave me to deal with mine YAY. She also said she would cut down on drinking the Coke in the office fridge as that makes her ADD worse. Plus she is going to write down all her ideas and give them to the boss at the end of the day.

Thanks for the advice/feedback/stories of past experiences. If I can just keep a check on the irrational pregnancy hormones for long enough I may even be able to work out getting her to cover my maternity leave. She wants to be a tennis coach long term so she isn’t interested in my job AND she can unlock the front door!

I think your office sounds like an amazing place to work Leechy. You would think your boss would have learned that he really shouldn’t hire people he has other relationships with because they are hard to fire or even tell off. Sounds like you responded wonderfully well.

Roll on maternity leave!

Oh yeah - Amen to that.

My bosses daughter put me down as a reference for a job she was interviewed for today. Great she’s worked here a few times over the last year but mainly to photocopy or answer phones when we are swamped. The employer ring’s for the reference and my boss stands beside me the whole time I’m talking to them! She’s a lovely girl and I hope she gets the job, I just didn’t like the way I felt having to give a reference under supervision.

I’m AD/HD. When I’m not on meds, I try to be extra self-conscious about AD/HD like behavior; for instance, at work I stay out of the way of others, even around the coffee maker; start talking, and I’ll be distracting to my fellow employees because I’m keeping them away from their jobs much longer than the normal short coffee break.