Temp work

Being a sub, my job is nothing but temp work. The longest I’ve been in the same room at one time is one week, five days. Sometimes, I’ll be in the same school 2-4 days in a row. However, I’m usually in a different school every day of the week. Sometimes, I’ll have the same school twice in the same week but with days seperating it.

Anyway, I’m in a weird position in that I’ve been to MOST of these schools enough to have a good rapport with some of the staff/teachers. I also have what I consider a few work friends. However, most of those are subs. So, their in the same boat as me. So, sometimes, I’m active in the workplace socializing. Other times, I feel so isolated I don’t even like venturing into the lounge. I once went into a lounge to eat lat one school and no even said hello to me. :o

So, being a temp working, I try to have good communication and am always helpful and polite. That and helping regular teachers make my break go faster. However, I don’t really see the point in diving to the social working of a place I won’t be possibly again.

So, if you were doing temp work of a short time nature, would you make a big attempt to interact with coworkers? Or would you keep to yourself mainly?

I used to do temp work. It wasn’t the best time in my life. I didn’t socialize with the perm workers, I knew I’d be moving on in a day or 2. I read a lot.

I find myself reading a lot, too. Especially during testing periods.

I keep to myself a lot as it is, and moreso back in the days when I was a temp. But if there were other temps, I’d usually chat with them a bit. Longer assignments, stronger relationships. I was at one place for so long that I actually had seniority in the department.

But if I was the only temp in a place where I was only needed for a few days, I totally kept to myself.

How long were you at that job?

I think it was about five months. I ended up having some real power there, like the power to withhold a reimbursement check from the CEO. I left that job for another, and I was there for five months as well. I even went to the office holiday party.

Pretty different from your situation!

If I’m only going to be there for a week or shorter, I don’t make a lot of socializing efforts - I bring a book and just read during my breaks. I’m always perfectly cordial and friendly, but I don’t go out of my way to make friends at temp jobs.

That’s interesting. Sounds like it was a nice job.

Yeah, I hope by the 2011-2012 year, I have something perm, even if just in house subbing.

Yeah, I’m not going out of my way. Sometimes, when I come into a school where I know people, I can’t interact with them due to where I’m placed.