Lowly temps, file in

I’m part of the office nomadic group known as temps. To clarify for those that don’t know, I do temporary work for whoever needs a slave for a short period of time. Most of my time is spent waiting for the next call and thinking, mostly thinking. I have alot of time to think about things and ponder the meaning of the universe while I’m waiting. Most of my past temp jobs needed me to do alot of something in a short period of time, like taking inventory for instance. I’ve heard about alot of tempts being bored on the job, well I would kill for boredom. Just once I would love to go on a temp job that has me doing nothing but sitting on my arse all day. I shouldn’t complain tho, I do get paid for it. And being a temp has other advantages as well:if it sucks at least its not permanent, you don’t have to suck-up to the boss, and my personal favorite–all the free office supplies you can stuff in your pockets. Okay, I’m only kidding about the last one…sorta. So any another temps out there care to sign in?

I feel your pain.:wink: I worked for a temp agency for a couple of years. I got shuffled from one meaningless task to another. There were a few notable exceptions, though. Two of the companies that I temped for kept me on for several months, with promise of hiring me- until they found out that “buying” me from the agency would cost more than they were paying for me as a temp. So- no permanent position or benefits for me. I eventually got sick of it and worked a few low-paying McJobs until I found a good one.

Lowly temp here. But I am a sub-species of temp. I am not nomadic like my counter-parts. I have been temping for a company now for nine months, ever since I was laid off last year, with no end in sight. Other than faxing in my time sheet every Friday I have no contact what so ever with my company. But it is still a ll good. Because I am a temp I am of the mind set that I can leave this assignment whenever I want and go somewhere else. Because of that I don’t really stress out at this job as much as I used to at my previous place of employment.

I’ve been in and out of temping for a number of years, it was something I started doing when I first left college and has always been there to fall back on when I was out of permanent employment.

Two years ago I moved to a completely new area, without a job. I went straight to the nearest temp agency after I’d settled into the new home and landed a juicy 3-month contract at a local University. Eventually that led to a permanent job but I’m sure that if it all goes pear-shaped on me, I’ll be right back into temping again.

I’ve been temping for almost 5 years (this time). I really like it, but I’ve been on this assignment for almost a year and would LOVE to become a permanent employee. The money is good, the environment is wonderful and the location is perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better boss or a better gig.

Temping is very underrated.

I spent about four years as a Kelly Girl, doing word processing. One job lasted a year and a half, in spite of massive layoffs at the company, because the manager kept the money for a temp on the permanent budget, so I kept my job while all the people who trained me in got fired.

Then I left when my son was born, but it was good while it lasted…

I temped for almost 2 years. It was great because it let me build up some experience and a resume, and rise above the McJob level. Although I didn’t get a permenent position directly from the experience, I made some contacts which did lead to my present job. And my present job has led to some other major changes in the life…it all worked out well.

I recommend it to anyone who needs experience or is at a bit of a crossroad or loose end. But sign up with all the agencies you can; that way, one is sure to call with work.

Temp speaking up here! I recently moved back to VA to live with my parents for six months before leaving for graduate school in the fall, and I’m temping. I had wanted to waitress, but couldn’t find a waitressing job, so here I am. I temped in NYC for a year, which I loved, so I decided to give it a shot down here. I’ve been placed with a really nice company, the job is pretty easy, and I have internet access and they don’t monitor me, so what else could I ask for?


My wife temps. But temping here in NYC was been really down since… Anyway she main does adminstrative assistant work for the top bosses.

Awhile back, in Feb 2001 she was working for a guy and he told he was going to a meeting and not to put through any calls. Except if the VP called. Which VP? my wife asked. Dick Cheney. Well while he was in the meeting the secretary for Mr. Ashcroft called and she had to sit there and think “Well he’s not Cheney, shoudl I put him through?” She did.

She temps there still sometimes.

I just signed up with a temp agency so it’s nice to hear some good stories. My daughter’s had some good experiences when whe was temping so I’m hopeful. I’d rather go permanent, I think, but jobs are almost non-existant in my field and location so I’m hoping this will a: provide some income; and b: still give me time to pursue my own business on some scale. Glad you started this thread.

Another good thing about it is that it keeps you abreast of technology changes (if you work with computers). And I find the money to be GREAT.

Yo. It helps the money flow…

I too am a temp of a different sub-species. The company (just one) I work for doesn’t have any full year employees in my position. Full year positions account for about 5% of the employees anyway. Unfortunately, with my level of experience and education (3 “seasons” there and a BA) the only full year job I would qualify for would involve watering plants. You must have a masters to out the trash. Oh, I’m exagerating, but not by much! I enjoy my job and wish that it was full year instead of contract to contract. I wish I could find a real job too, but temping on a week to week basis, with weeks off between contracts, is still better than nothing.

I’m an administrative temp right now, on a long-term position through April. It’s been a good experience overall – I’ve found a company that likes me enough to look for a permanent place for me once the assignment’s up, and I actually don’t hate coming her every morning. So this time, it’s a good experience.

I’ve had temp jobs before. It’s usually been pretty fun as long as you don’t get sent to a factory (a lot of them use temp agencies as recruiters).

My favorite all-time temp job was when I had to alphabetize a lot of files for a bank. We were in a file warehouse very far away from public contact. One of my friends was on the same temp job and a pretty girl was working with us. It was during the summer. We used to take our breaks out on the lawn, sunning, bring music with us.

Besides the filing, it was like we were getting paid to listen to music, chat and get really great sun tans. :slight_smile: