temple prostitutes/sodomites

NIV and other bible translations offer “temple prostitutes” in place of the King James “sodomites” in the OT. My favourite translation, “Youngs Literal Transation” offers “tremple prostitutes” as well. What is the justification for the King James slant? What temple is involved here? What is the jewish take on this?

To what verse do you refer? I have a few translations including a Jewish one.


First thing to consider is that King James Version wasn’t translated from the original languages, but from earlier Wyecliff and Tyndale translation works which were largely done from Latin.

Most newer translations have strived to work from the original toungue used or, at least, from as far back as they can possibly go. So newer versions are more accurate, or should be.

I’ll look up some specifics and post again, unless someone else posts the answer

A literal translation is “tremple?” :smiley:

Seriously, however, if you provide the verse, I’ll be more than happy to look it up for you and give you my take on the Hebrew.

Zev Steinhardt

2 Kings 23:7

The Tanakh (Jewish translation): male prostitutes

New World (Jehovah’s Witness): male temple prostitutes

New American Standard (Protestant): male cult prostitutes


1 Kings 14:24 “Male temple prostitute.” Heb., qa·dhesh’; Lat., ef·fe·mi·na’ti, “effeminate men.”

So, the Latin could be where AV people got Sodomite, since that’s how they catagorized homosexuals. Not pc, but oh well

Anyone got a specific translation of “qadhesh” that could shed some more light on this?

Oh yeah, from the context, it appears to be the temple in Jerusalem and other “high places” in the kingdom ruled by Josiah. He initiated a religious reform in the 2 tribe kingdom of Judah which included Jerusalem

See also Job 36:14 and Hosea 4:14.

NKJV gives perverted persons heb. gedeshim those practicing sodomy and prostitution in religious rituals.
for religion read baal and ashera worship…in temples of course
didnt you see dagon meets samson…?:slight_smile:


i think your word may be spirit?

high places, designated places for pagan worship.

No, spirit is ruach* (Hebrew), *pneuma (Greek)

I have yet to find any other def for qa`dhesh other than “male temple [or cult] prostitute”

Is it a current Hebrew Word? Any Hebrew speaking people out there?

Thanks for clarifying high places, mrcrow. Sometimes I assume everyone is already following what I’m saying

sorry man got the wrong handle on ruach ha kodesh
i should have inferred ‘wind’?
but i see thats wrong as well …just a bit of back pedalling here.
where are you getting your hebrew words from?

Several different Bible encyclopeadias from Catholic Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, some people who appear to be Rabbis, and some secular sources like “The Bible As History” by that German guy. Plus, web searches on Dogpile.com.

FTR, it seems to be alot harder, for me anyways, to find the meanings to old style Hebrew words than for Greek stuff. I guess since NT is newer than OT that would explain some of that.

i have a limited hebrew flavoured NT never got the OT it was too heavy to bring back from christchurch at the jaffa gate.
but it is available here…
maybe someday
how do you reckon other languages as in aramaic
and the hebrew of BC was not so similar to todays?

Upgrade to 2000 or XP then. :wink: Seriously, what exactly did these Temple Trollops do? Did you make a sacrifice and then get your “reward” or what?

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i feel it was no different from today just that all the community were supposed to frequent the temple
what about the molech and hinnom sacrifices of your children
this was pagan fuelled remember.