Ten Commandments Judge: No SSM Amendment!

Surprisingly, Roy “Ten COmmandments” Moore is opposed to a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Of course the reason he’s against it are vintage lunatic, but still…

And he’s still a rabid homophobe who thinks gays are abominations before the Lord and so forth.

If I believed in God, I would be on my knees every night praying to God to inspire this jackass to run for president this year. Run Roy Run!

Marry an entire city? Now that is a great idea! I volunteer to marry Cincinnati.

An odd statement. I believe in God and do not wish this jackass to run. Why do you?

Talk about strange bedfellows. I never imagined I’d see Otto and Judge Moore getting all snuggly.


To steal votes from Bush, Padeye.

Take votes away from Bush is what I meant. Saying steal implies that I think something’s wrong with that.

Can I be your best suburb?

The original statment is a non-sequitir since it was made under the condition “If I believed in God.” If what the OP wanted was for Jackass Roy to be the vote stealing Ralph Nader of the republican party I would think he’s want Roy to run regardless of his own personal beliefs.

Thank God he’s against it for fundie nutball reasons, or I’d have to clean chunks of brain and skull from my keyboard.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

I want Roy to run for president this year to siphon votes away from Gee Dubya.

If I believed in God, I would pray for Him to plant in Roy the decision to make the run.

Pedanticists take the fun out of everything.

Here, look at a picture of a duck and move past it.

Aww, what a cute duck.

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Is it an African duck, or a European duck? How fast does it fly? Given the state of bird taxonomy, is it even correct to consider that a duck? How does believing in God help a pedanticist make an informed decision about ducks on a day to day basis? Do you mean that looking at the duck should occupy a pedant’s time? Or do you mean that pedants should focus on the duck? Become one with the duck?

Psst. You made an erroneousness. It’s pedant.

And it’s a drake, anyway.

Ah, the Straight Dope.

“Excuse me, Judge Moore, can I marry your sister or your daughter?”
“Heck, you don’t even have to choose. They’re the same woman.”

Much as I like the idea of a Bush-vote-taker, especially since Pat Buchanan isn’t running, consider this: people are going to vote for Bush. What makes you think there aren’t enough nutballs to vote Moore into the White House? <shudder>

Which is almost exactly the argument many people use against gay marriage. I never realized it worked both ways.

Is it just possible that he views the act of homosexual sex as a sin and marriage as a sacred rite, making it mutially exclusive, and he knows that we are all sinners with our own vices and that God really loves us all, or have you actually crawled inside his mind and can honestly judge him this way :rolleyes:

Well, if you’d have bothered to read the story I linked to, you’d have found this:

I would call that rabid homophobia.