"Ten Commandments Judge" Roy Moore gets ass handed to him in gubenatorial primary.


Even Alabama can’t stomach this guy any more. Voters also rejected bids for the state Supreme Court by four Moore factionist candidates who campaigned on the bizarre contention that states do not have to obey the US Supreme Court.

It’s nice to see a demagogue get what he deserves. Or a fraction of it, anyway.

I’m not one to gloat, but damned outstanding.

Could this presage a trend? Please? If I cross my fingers and wish real hard? Can we throw the rascals out come November? Or at least some of them?

The same people who didn’t vote for Moore still overwhelmingly approved a same-sex marriage ban constitutional amendment. So it’s not so much that Alabamans are tired of Moore’s insane message; they just seem to prefer their bigotry to be a little less nationally ridiculed.

In conclusion, the people of Alabama can still go fuck themselves.

Wouldn’t that constitute gay sex?!

Say, Roy, if God’s will was for you not to win, why did you run in the first place? You know, seeing as how you have a direct line on what God wants us to be doing. What the heck kind of prophet are ya?

No, I think that would come under the heading of masturbation. :smiley: