Ten Gallon Hats

How did a Ten Gallon Hat come by that name? Were they once made so big so as the cowboy could water his horse ? Or was it a phrase stating that the bigger the hat, the bigger the flake? As in All hat, no cattle?

Brings to mind the old joke “Why is a cowboy hat like a hemhorroid? Because eventually, every asshole gets one.”

Heh-heh. Didn’t Cecil cover this head somewhere?


Thank you, PB. (And thank god for nanoseconds).

Wow, where was the day this was covered in Straight Dope 101? Thanks all.

Actually, I’m not sure it WAS covered in SD 101. I have seen 10 gallons at rodeos and such and while they probably could water a horse they don’t hold 10 gallons at all. They also in no way resemble sombreros. The brim is no wider than a regular cowboy hat, around 4 1/2 inches.