Tenacious D and your As*trology

If you go to the greatest website ever created for the greatest band that has ever lived, Tenacious D, you will find a rather interesting take on astrology… they will read your butt.

I am the sign of Jables.

Wow, that is a great website! Thanks for the link!

I love these guys. I was worried that after Jack Black became a big movie star, he might leave Tenacious D in the past, but fortunately that is not the case.

Hope the TD movie will be good. I’ll probably like it even if it sucks.

Apparently, I am the Axe. Rock on!

Yea, I just want to see them live someday. I hope they will go on tour after this movie, but I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

I have a feeling that Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny has got the Rocket Sauce and will be decidely unsucky. Here is the Genesis of the D straight outta the Movie.

However, there is also this bit of Cryptic funny from the director Liam Lynch as he consults with the Devil. I don’t think his studio bosses were on the same wavelength. What a great and funny way to fuck with the powers that be.