Tennessee : Elvis :: Your State : Who?

Simple idea, really, but you get to decide what important aspect of Elvis’s relationship with his home state (not birth state, he was born in Tupelo, Mississippi) is shared by the person in your state who comes closest to that same relationship. Mostly for fun…

Alaska: Jewel (not born there).


Um… Corn? :confused:

What, am I supposed to name presidents here? I don’t have much to work with AFAICS.

Georgia: Ray Charles

There must be some relationship with somebody and your state that Elvis Presley (never president) had with the state of Tennessee. You get to pick whatever relationship you think that was and then come up with somebody who has that same type of relationship with your state.

See Chefguy’s response for a clue of one interpretation. Not the only one, for sure.

Right on! Damn near ideal!

New York: Paul Simon? It’s not a perfect parallel, as Paul Simon was born in NY as well as living here. In terms of musicians who moved here, New York: John Lennon could work, but Lennon’s real career happened in England.
I thought about Frank Sinatra, but he mainly lived in New Jersey even though he had a penthouse in NY.

Illinois: Abraham Lincoln. Born in Kentucky, grew up in Indiana, didn’t move to Illinois until he was 21. Even so, he’s so closely associated with Illinois that our license plates say “Land of Lincoln”.

New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen
Oops, that’s not my state. Forgot the thread title.

I live in Oregon now, so that would have to be The Kingsmen (Louie, Louie).

Good choices for reasonable relationships. There are no right answers and no correct relationships. You get to decide what Elvis and Tennessee had (maybe even have) in common, and then try to find the individual(s) that share(s) that same sort of relationship with your state.

I’m hoping somebody from Alabama can help me think of a better example than Hank Williams or Hank Aaron. :slight_smile:

:: LOUD Guffaw! :: :wink:

Oh, I understood what you were prompting, I just can’t come up with anybody. :o


Lots to choose from,
Stevie Wonder
Doctor Kevorkian
Henry Ford

John McCain, U.S. Senator from Arizona. He wasn’t born here. He was born in the U.S. Panama Canal Zone.

Good on the understanding; bummer on the other.

Ohio, you say? What about the Wright Brothers? Jack Nicklaus?

(Just because Elvis wasn’t born here, and did spend a bunch of his fame time in California, doesn’t mean Tennessee doesn’t claim him as a “native son” – along with others. Elvis is/was just so Tennessee! Davy Crockett would count, too, but I was hoping for more recent examples. What I was hoping for is not the main objective here, though.)

Ohio:John Glenn? The Ohio Players? The McCoys?


Wow - lots to choose from:

Siegfried and Roy, Bugsy Siegel, Elvis (due to his famous concerts here and the song Viva Las Vegas), Celine Dion (even though Canadian, she has practically lived and performed only here for the past decade), Wayne Newton (retired), The Rat Pack and, of course, Liberace. I am sure there are tons I am missing, but that is a start…

The Bushes and Texas. Born in New England, but most closely associated with the Lone Star State.

But it IS my state, so I’ll make it official: New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen.

California: I wouldn’t know where to start.