Mt. Rushmore of your state

If your state were to have a Mt. Rushmore, who would be on it?

Some rules:

-Being born there isn’t enough (for instance, Malcolm X was born in Nebraska, however he lived there less than a year).
-This person has to have made an impact on your state, either by what they did there or by living there during a time they made an impact on the nation or world, or by living there long enough as to be considered “one of your own.”
-One state doesn’t necessarily have exclusive claim on an individual (more than one state can put someone on their Mt. Rushmore, as long as this person has some substantial presence in a state).

Make sense?
Henry Ford, Berry Gordy, Gerald Ford, Rosa Parks

Kentucky —Abraham Lincoln, Col. Sanders, Devil Anse Hatfield and Secretariat.


Bill Gates, Russel Wilson, William Boeing, Dan Savage

Hmmm. Interesting exercise.


Paul Revere, Sam Adams, Leonard Nimoy, Henry David Thoreau

Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Willie Nelson.

I concur, but you have the wrong Adams. Sam’s cousin John is much more deserving. I might throw John Hancock in instead of Revere, as well.

Washington DC:
Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

I think I’ve seen this before…

Already have one, sorta. Yee-haw.

Harry Truman, Thomas Hart Benton, Samuel Clemens, Walter Cronkite

I actually didn’t know about Cronkite until I just Googled out of curiosity.

For New York, I’m going to go with George Clinton, John Jay, Franklin Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt.


Eliza Tibbets - The first person in California to grow navel oranges.

James W. Marshall - The man who kicked off the California Gold Rush.

D.W. Griffith - The first person to make a motion picture in Hollywood.

Euell Gibbons - Patron Saint of fruits, nuts and flakes.


David Koresh, Charles “Tex” Watson, Ken Lay, and Lee Harvey Oswald.


List of famous Texans: List of people from Texas - Wikipedia

(I did not know that both Wiley Post and “Wrong Way” Corrigan both hail from the state…)

I’d go for the two Roosevelts, and Grover Cleveland twice.:wink:

Minnesota would consider such a thing to be too ostentatious.

And we’d be so incredibly passive-aggressive about it that it would never get done.

Linus Pauling, Ken Kesey, Phil Knight, and Tom McCall.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
John Ford
Winslow Homer
Stephen King
It’s hard to pick just four. I had to leave off Andrew Wyeth, Margaret Chase Smith, L.L. Bean, and Joshua Chamberlain.

Probably from the racing presidents at Nats games, it’s where I got the idea.

That’s gotta be it. I thought there was a Polish Sausage in there though.

Since I live in the state Mt. Rushmore is actually in and none of the people on it ever lived in or were ever in the state I don’t think*, I’ll go with Bob Barker, Tom Brokaw, Cheryl Ladd and Catherine Bach. Honorable mention to Mary Hart.


*Teddy Roosevelt may have been in the state because he was friends with Seth Bullock, but I don’t know.