Mt. Rushmore or your state...with a beard of evil!

Thread over yonder asking who you would put on the Mt. Rushmore of your state.

What about the ANTI-Rushmore? 4 folks from your state that for whatever reason embody all that is evil and wrong.

Same rules as that thread as well, all credit to Happy Leddervedder:

Also, it doesn’t have to be someone you necessarily dislike or who is universally disliked, there just has to be a well-known evil connotation. At least one example like this will be on my list.


Jesse James
Rush Limbaugh
James Earl Ray
Carrie Nation :wink:

Washington DC:
Richad Nixon
Marion Barry
Dick Cheney
Allen Dulles


Lee Harvey Oswald
Bush 2
Charles Whitman
David Koresh

This is tougher for Nebraska. As I said in the other thread, Buffalo Bill and William Jennings Bryan were on the wrong side of history more often than I’d like, but neither was really a historical villain in any real sense. Charles Starkweather is the only name that’s obvious who would be known outside the state. Michael Ryanwould be on my list, but I doubt many of you know who he is. Likewise Tom Dennison. Charles Manson went to Boys Town for a while, but I don’t think that counts.

In the 1970s, Nebraska was reputed to have the worst Senate delegation of all 50 states in Carl Curtis and Roman Hruska, but I’ve known too many people who were personally helped by both men to put the “beard of evil” on either of them.

This will take some thought.

Pee Wee Herman
George Zimmerman
Ted Bundy
Jimmy Buffett

Gosh, I could almost do this just in Gainesville.


Ted Bundy
Terry Jones
Danny Rolling
That dude in south Florida who got shot while eating that other dude’s face.

OK, I’ve had my thought.

Dick Cheney
Charles Starkweather
Michael Ryan
Tom Dennison

ETA: If anyone knows of any major figures in Native American genocide with close ties to Nebraska, please let me know.

For Connecticut:

Benedict Arnold
Anthony Comstock
George W Bush
Henry Kissinger

I’ll do my English one again if I may:

Andrew Wakefield
Harold Shipman
Piers Morgan
Simon Cowell

Already did this in the other thread, but:


John Wilkes Booth
Spiro Agnew
Alger Hiss
Dr. Samuel Mudd

For Virginia, I’m tempted to list four generals from a certain insurrection that was in progress 150 years ago, but they’re still all regarded as heroes in the Commonwealth, and have highways and stuff named after them.


HH Holmes
John Wayne Gacy
Al Capone
Ronald Reagan

Wisconsin has some “good” ones, due in part to our history of crazed mass murderers. Steering clear of any current political jabs, I give you:

Ed Gein
Jeffrey Dahmner
Joseph McCarthy
Aldrich Ames

I’ll also do my home state:


Ted Bundy
Westley Allan Dodd
Gary Ridgeway (Green River Killer)
Robert Lee Yates

I refuse to participate in this thread as limiting to only 4 people for Texas would be like choosing 4 smelliest garbage dumps in the US. Impossible.


Whitey Bulger, Lizzie Borden, Charles Ponzi, Charles Stuart

I’m sure there are better choices, but those came to mind.

Come on. I took GWB off your hands; that should make it easier for you.

New York: A lot of people to choose from, naturally.

Carlo Gambino, John Gotti, Bugsy Siegel,

Al Sharpton

Ethel or Julius Rosenberg

William Marcy “Boss” Tweed, Fernando Wood

David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz

Bernie Madoff

Clyde Barrow
John Wesley Hardin
Lee Harvey Oswald
John William King (or Shawn Berry or Lawrence Brewer)*
*The guys who dragged James Byrd to death behind a truck

Can we fit Jeffrey Levitt in there somewhere? Robert Irsay?