Tennessee high school AD put on leave after saying girls 'pretty much ruin everything'

this stupid dumbass decides to say this bullshit in this genderly charged era and posts it on youtube …………
he banned gym shorts ad then said this in his "a helping of Helnsley " blog its all girls fault and has been since adam and eve
heres the story :https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/tennessee-high-school-ad-put-on-leave-after-saying-girls-pretty-much-ruin-everything/ar-AAAHaMu?li=BBnba9I
I posted it in the pit because I know some of the reactions this is gonna get


He needs to be removed from any supervisory position or disciplinary position that involves women, IMO. Some counseling would prolly be in order, if he intends to continue to work in education, somehow.

The bar can’t be set low enough, apparently.

It’s going to take another thousand years, at this rate, isn’t it?

Soddy-Daisy High School?

I’m confused about why gym shorts are being banned, and what that has to do with girls. I assume these are boys’ gym shorts, but maybe that’s not correct. Maybe the girls’ gym shorts are too short and they have to ban them for everyone because otherwise it wouldn’t be fair?

Clearly this poor man has been pushed to the limits of his ability to direct athletics at this high school by this gym shorts controversy, and this was his way of saying FU to the administration for making him be fair. Suicide by video, it’s a tried and true method.

Not explained in the article:

  • Why sexist idiot chose to ban athletic shorts in the first place, and

  • Why sexist idiot thought the ban was specifically the fault of girls (besides general sexist idiocy).

Yep. It’s all been downhill since the 19th amendment. Seriously. What were they thinking?

Wow what an idiot. I’m trying to think of a job for him with no contact with people but I’m drawing a complete blank.

Telemarketer, maybe?

It’s the shortness of the shorts the girls wear to gym class and cheerleader practice. Our school banned yoga pants, leggings, skirts, no show socks, bralessness, sleeveless tops. All aimed at girls. They are trying to ban skinny jeans, now. All. Aimed. At. Girls. So prejudiced.

What fault do they have with no-show socks? Are we headed back to the era of making sure that sin-inducing lady ankles are covered?

Yeah, that is weird - all three of my boys wore those (mostly during basketball practice but also just to school).

I would not be surprised to hear about an ex somewhere with a restraining order on him. How on earth could he think this was a good idea?

Students and others are of course supporting him and saying it was obviously just jokes.

Which they probably were. Fueled by and reinforcing systemic misogyny.

Finally, a public official is brave enough to come out and say what we’ve all been thinking about girl cooties.

Concur. Reading his remarks it’s pretty obvious he was trying to be ‘funny’.

Ha. Ha. I like "systemic misogyny; will have to look for justifiable opportunities to use it.

However, he showed himself remarkably tone-deaf and ignorant by thinking he could get away with them in the age of true mass communication. Don’t know if he should be fired (are there other incidents?) but a good scare should be put in him–along with a few more intelligence points.

I think it would be just as bad if he was supervising boys and passing on this kind of behavior.

I’m not sure he’s going to level up any time soon.

“Adam and Eve”? Really?!

Is Eve allowed to make a statement defending herself? :dubious:

I won’t argue with you on that point.

A tangent, but when did head coaches start being called Athletic Directors? The best I could come up with for “AD” before the article was quoted was “Assistant Dean.”

Well, this is good news. I flubbed up my potato casserole last night. Glad it wasn’t MY fault.:rolleyes:

At least at our high school, the Athletic Director is not also a coach. I believe that his AD responsibilities are setting team schedules, supervising/hiring/firing coaches, and drinking with the coaches he likes.

I think he also is one of the discipline vice-principals since the above job description doesn’t sound particularly full time.