Tennessee Republican Campaigns on Eugenics Platform

Republican James Hart is running for the US House of Representatives in the 8th congressional district of Tennessee on a platform advocating eugenics:


If this is the best the GOP can muster for the largest legislative body in the land, I tremble for our country.

Dare I ask how he’s doing in the polls?

:eek: Oh my…

This has to be a joke or just some nut-job running “as” a Republican, while not being supported by the GOP.

Now here we have a state that’s so anti-evolution that it brought us the Scopes Monkey trial. Yet eugenics is an acceptible platform for a Republican candidate?

Something’s not quite right.


No, I still want some proof that this guy is the Republican candidate.

Looks like Mr. Hart slipped under the radar, getting the endorsement before letting these interesting beliefs be known.

Hence, the write-in candidacy of Dennis Bertrand, which has the support of the County Committees of the 8th District.

More info:


There’s lots of stuff I hate about the GOP, but clearly they aren’t supporting this wacko.

Now, if he wins the nom and goes on to win the election, we’ll have to kick Tenessee out of the country.

D’oh! Mr. Moto beat me to it.

That appears to be so. Mr. Hart is running in the primary in pursuit of the nomination, he has no official sanction from the Republicans. I trust in the good sense and probity of Tennesseans, even such benighted souls who wander in the darkness of Republican politics. I firmly believe that Mr. Hart will recieve the calm inattention he deserves.

Should this prove not to be the case, I stand ready to heap scorn and derision upon him and anyone who supports him, as stern duty demands.

Minnesota had a republican candidate for Atty General a few years back that was batshit crazy. Institutionalized type batshit crazy, not your average republican batshit crazy. She claimed one of the state supreme court justices had implanted a chip into her head, and her first official act if elected would be to imprison the incumbant Atty General.

She had the same name as a local talkshow host, which why the informed republican masses chose her in the caucuses.

I don’t think we have much to worry about. I can’t imagine that it is considered smart political strategy to run on a platform of evolution in the bible belt.

“Poverty genes”? Does this mean that Bill Gates has “Rich Motherfucker genes”? Maybe we should be splicing RMF genes into everybody on Earth, and get rid of poverty!

I wonder… can I get some therapy with Incredibly Attractive To The Ladies genes?

It’s a crushing burden. You would be wise to reconsider.

Now let’s be fair. Hart did mention evolution in his platform:

“…any race that accepted its moral responsibility to protect the right of it’s children to be born physically healthy and mentally capable could evolve into and become the next more highly evolved species above homo-sapiens.”

And he’s an equal opportunity moron. Why, any race can take the initiative to preserve and enhance our vital bodily genes.
I wonder if he has opposable thumbs?

Oh, please, when have I ever been known to be wise?

This man is a gem!

Check out the “Socrates Meets Jesus” flier.

An excerpt:

It’s like a reverse Chick tract without the crappy ink drawings! I love how Jesus refers to himself in the third person in his second line. :smiley:

In fact, he has two sets.

I’m not responsible for this!


I’m so embaressed. :o :o :o :o :o

George Bush himself has said there is no room for racists in the Republican party. I didn’t know that was because all the slots were taken.

It’s a joke. That I stole. You know us black people got that stealing gene.