Term conspiracy theorists use

There’s a term conspiracy theorists use (I saw it used by an antivaxx acquaintance) to refer to when a Deep State actor kind of lets slip their glee with watching the herding of the sheeple; when they pull back the curtain a bit and give a knowing nod (metaphorically).

But the term slips my mind. Anyone know?

(ETA: I am not a conspiracy theorist or a Deep State actor)
(But that’s just what a conspiracy theorist or Deep State actor would say, isn’t it?)

“Letting your slip show”?

Breaking the third wall?

Crisis actor?

I think it might be ‘revelation of the method’.

I though the term was ‘pulling back the curtain’ or something very similar.

“Letting the mask slip” means that, but I don’t know if conspiracy theorists use it.

For more occult conspiracies, “making manifest that which is hidden” is supposedly a powerful magical rite; when The Conspiracy lets a bit of The Truth slip out, They are supposedly doing so to gather even more magical power.

Or so they say. Not “They”, but “they”, or at least the “they” that says that sort of thing.

Is this related to “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”?

Could it be “Open the kimono”?

“Release the kraken”?