Term for demographically targeted prejudice

I’m looking for a good term for demographically targeted prejudice. For example, while there’s probably a lot of inherent racism behind complaints against immigrants, there’s also people who are actually just against immigrants. And instead of focusing on laws and enforcement aimed at specific behaviors or crimes, they’ll instead try to crack down on the whole class of people they see as being the predominant bad apples. So I’m looking for a term to describe this sort of thing as still being bad without resorting to calling it racism. There’s other groups that get broadly prejudiced for reasons other than racism too, for example, hippies.

I guess “bigot” works to an extent, although that seems to have more specific overtones. Is there a better word for this? Besides a word for the person and phenomenon, I’m also interested in the term for the logical fallacy involved. “Ad hominem” is similar, but I don’t think it quite fits.

For the ones who just hate immigration in any form, “xenophobia.”