Terminator 2 missing scene?

In the Scene in which Terminator and Sarah Connor are repairing each other’s wounds, Terminator announces that he has the ability to learn things he hasn’t been preprogrammed with. The more contact he has with humans, the more he learns.
In an alternate version, though, Terminator says that his CPU was preset for READ ONLY, but could be switched over to WRITE. So Sara and John use the mechanic’s impact wrench to open up Terminator’s skull, and remove the chip.
Anyone seen this alternate T2 version?

Yep, it’s in the “difinitive” T-2 DVD (the one in the metal sleeve) along with a previously cut scene of the gooey metal Terminator sweeping John’s bedroom, learning textures.

The scene you’re referring to (Actually, a longer version of a scene contained in the theatrical version of the film.) is available on the DVD release of the movie. There are a number of other extra scenes as well. Despite having seen the theatrical version numerous times, the DVD is definately worth seeing.