Anybody Heard What the Plot Is Going To Be "Terminator 3"

I was just discussing this with a friend. I mean in T2 they blow up Cyberdign and the technogy they had learned. So how are they going to make a T3. I guess Cyberdign had copies of the file and they proceeded as plan.

So what would the triology be about? Is Arnold coming back to protect yet an older John or what?

Anybody heard?

All I know is that Edward Furlong is gonna be in it, but not Linda Hamiliton…
I wondered that myself…how are they going to do it?

Well, any story with people (or robots) changing the timeline is probably going to be pretty flexible (and of course, paradoxical).

I have no idea what the plot will be, but let’s think back to the first movie… The original Terminator existed and was sent back in time before its parts were used by Cyberdyne to create artificially intelligent machines. To me, this indicates that having the technology sent back sped up its own development. Destroying Cyberdyne merely restored the timeline to it’s pre-Terminator sequence of events. Unless the people killed in T1 and T2 (and there were quite a few) somehow changed the original timeline, the machines still destroy the world. And you thought the good guys won.

At least, I hope they use this type of explanation. If they say that some guy fished the chip out of the molten steel, I’ll be sorely disappointed. (But not surprised, given the axiom that if the first sequel isn’t much worse than the original, the second sequel probably will be. Let’s milk the cash cow for all its worth, shall we?)

The better question is how John Connor could send his own father back in time to save himself if he didn’t exist without sending his father back… Hmm…

Mr Blue,

Good points. Another fallacy of T2 was when Arnold was suppose to do what John Conner told him to do. Didn’t John tell Arnold not to lower himself in the moltin steel? But he did anyway.

Oh and Guin,

I heard Linda was going to be in it because her “ex” is not directing it now. So she agreed to be in it.

The rumor I heard was that Ed Furlong plays John Connor in the future battling Skynet. Arnold is another terminator on John’s side. He will be opposed by a female terminator more advanced than the t-1000. Supposed a T4 movie is already also planned and it will pick up immediately after T3. It too will star Furlong as Connor.

Filming on T3 will not start for several months. Even if these rumors are accurate, things can change.

Let’s also not forget that Arnold did have an arm torn off in the machinery near the end of T2, which was then conveniently forgotten. Even though the chip and the rest of the Terminator were destroyed, there’s still something left to work with.

A guick question, Is Ed Furlong the kid that John Conner in T2?

So Arnold is going to fighting a woman in T3 huh? A wonder if they are casting that female wrestler to take him on. Maybe Grace Jones she already look like a robot or something.

From this site:

It looks as if Terminator 3 will take place in the future and detail the battles between humans and Skynet. Definitely no Linda Hamilton in this one. Famke Janssen is in talks to play a female cyborg in the movie with even more powers than the T-1000 model from T2.

T3 is due in Summer 2002 with T4 sometime beyond that.

He was also programmed to protect John. His existence in our time was a threat to John and humanity. So that took precedence over any order John gave that preserved him.

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Ohhh ok. That makes sense thanks.

Jeff 42,

Thanks for the link that was very helpful.

According to Corona’s “Coming Attractions” page (, the plot is:

The war against the machines and the humans will happen in 2001, and this film will show how it happens. John Connor will emerge as the central character in this film, and again he will have another Terminator as one of his allies. But another sentient machine, its make, model and purpose not yet revealed, will become one of Connor’s chief adversaries.

As of November 4th, Linda Hamilton has said that she is NOT going to be in the sequel, due to scheduling conflicts. Arnold and Edward Furlong are said to be “attached” to the project, whose budget may exceed $300 M!!

There’s some talk that the new evil Terminator robot may be female, but it’s too early to say. The current release dated is slated for summer 2002.

Here’s the real kicker–there’s also talk of Terminator 4! The plot is really sketchy, but it may take place in the aftermath of the nuclear holocaust shown in the first two films.

Don’t know what the plot is going to be, but I’ll lay good odds that the climactic fight, against all probabilities, will take place in a factory with convenient Terminator-destroying industrial processes readily available.

I heard that there is already a Terminator 3 . Its a 3D movie that can only be seen at universal studios.
Anyone seen that?

And I thought they were going to go WAAAAAAAY back and kill Sarah Connor as a child. Darn.

As regards future movies, pretty much all you could want to know (and a lot you couldn’t) ends up here at Coming Attractions .

But be warned, it’s almost as addictive as the SDMB! Also, you have to wonder if you really WANT the frustration of reading up to 2 years’ worth of posts about a movie before you can actually get to see it (assuming it doesn’t get canned altogether)!!

Hey Damhna–I saw the T3 show a few years back in Orlando (Universal Studios). It was cool as shit! It combined live action and a 3D movie. After the actors fooled around on stage for a couple minutes (droping from the ceiling, shooting each other, riding a motorcycle around, etc.), the Terminator and John rode a motorcycle right through the screen (there was a portal there). They ended up in the future to do battle with Skynet. There were these flying sentinels, about the size of a frisbee, chasing the Terminator and John. Eventually they make it to Skynet to do battle with the T-1,000,000! It was a giant liquid metal terminator, with numerous tentacles.

It was worth the wait. The seats move (a little) but the sound system was incredible! I assume T3 will be an extension of this T3 show.