Terminator Vs Predator

I say hands down Terminator wins…cause first of all Arnold as a mere human defeated the Predator. As a machine he certainly could. Plus the Predator could not hide from the Terminator because he has infrared vision. What do you think?

Since the Predator was simply out hunting, do we have any reason to believe that it was bearing the utmost armament available to its species?

For all we know, it could just as well have nuked the whole planet from orbit.

Does the Terminator have true thermal vision, or just monochrome near-infrared?

Plus, I don’t even know if thermal imaging works against a Predator’s cloak…it’s not what they tried to use in Predator 2.

Which I understand is the only way to be sure.

The Predator isn’t that bad ass. Hell, he got beat by Danny Glover. Danny Glover! Terminator all the way.

This one’s easy. Star Destroyer becomes overrun by pirate ninjas in the second round, and proceeds to toast the Enterprise-D with its supreme coolness.

Oh, what’s this…the topic says “Terminator vs…” D’oh! :smack:

I’d put my money on the terminator. It’s a machine. Sure the predator is clever, but it’s burdened with some macho desire to prove itself (or something like that), a distinct human-like weakness that the terminator is programmed to exploit.

I think the predators are naturally weaker, anyway. In the (2 AND ONLY 2 EVER MADE) predator movies, the predator guys are defeated by simple stone-age technology (swinging logs in movie 1 and overall tenacious bad-assitude in movie 2), whereas the terminators have been shown to never stop in pursuing their quarry.

I just realized that I assumed from your question that the terminator and the predator are actively targetting each other. In a different scenario – e.g. the predator hunting the terminator whereas the terminator is hunting, say, Dubya – the outcome would probably be different.

If it were many terminators vs. many predators, I would bet on the predators, because the terminators would likely trip over themselves trying to burn L.A. instead of shooting the predators, and it seems to me somehow that the predators would benefit from group tactics.

I have to give this one to the Predator. They’ve got superior weaponry, and against a foe as fearsome as a Terminator, they wouldn’t be shy to use it.

Terminators don’t hide, they don’t dodge. Their strategy is to blend in among the humans (not an issue for the Predator, if he couldn’t distinguish the Terminator with his optics, he’d simply kill all the humans until he found one that went clank instead of squish) and then just keep coming at the target until it’s dead.

Predators are more adept at using stealth and hit-and-run tactics. A Predator would keep his distance and snipe at it using his shoulder guns and flying discs. With repeated attacks, that’s more than enough to put down a Terminator.

At worst, it’s a draw. Predator activates his personal nuke. Boom.

(I assume we’re talking a T-800 here. T-X would be more difficult, and a T-1000 would be one hell of a fight).

Oh man, I can see the script now:

‘Dutch’ Schaeffer is sent on another mission, let’s say to Afghanistan this time, and another Predator comes after him, killing someone who managed to kill a Predator is worth like a jillion points. At the same time, Skynet dispatches a T-800 to kill Schaeffer, who in the future becomes a major asset to John Connor (that’s why a terminator model based on Dutch’s appearance was able to get close enough to kill him). The Predator, detecting an even greater target than Dutch goes after the Terminator. Dutch struggles to survive while being stalked by two inhuman master killers.

Oh, man. Somebody get me Dark Horse on the phone!

Well which terminator? Does he have his laser guns or is he the ‘just sent back through time’ naked guy? It’s also clear that the Predator matches his weapons to the prey i.e. guns against those armed with guns and his wrist baldes against anyone that has a knife so he’d break out something more lethal for a terminator. Also we don’t know the full value of the Predators cloak it can adjust its vision filter when needed there’s no reason not to believe it can’t switch its cloak on demand.

I’d say against a T-800 the Predator would win no matter the circumstance. Against the two newer models it’d depend on if the Predator knew in advance what it was hunting or if it was just out targeting normal humans and was surprised by them when it attacked. As mentioned by Menocchio Predators are crafty whereas terminators are merely relentless. The predator could just do hit and runs until they figured out how to bring down the Terminators.

Yeah which Terminator?

T-800? No way Predator blows its head off with the shoulder cannon.

T-1000? Well ol’ silver skin has just about every advantage there.

T-X?..you know I saw T3 just recently and I still don’t remember how they off her…I give her the edge.

Nuke down the throat.

Works every time.

Trick is getting it there.

I’m still trying to figure out how the TX was supposed to be better than the T-1000. Yeah, it’s got a built in gun, which is cool, but it can’t disguise itself as the floor, which is better.

But then, I thought T3 was like mediocre fanfiction so I’m apt to dismiss anything from it.

Well the T-X was the anti-Terminator Terminator (WTF? Why is that needed anyway?) so it had the nanites and the EMP burst weapons to take out other Terminators. The floor thing wasn’t really all that practical for the Terminator’s main missions (hunt and kill resistance cells) and it seemed to struggle with impacts as in every time it got hit it was flung backwards or had to readjust it just wasn’t solid enough. Also we don’t know how the T-1000 reacted to energy weapons in the time it would be doing most of it’s fighting for all we know it was only usable against our time’s bullets. Plus T-X was supposed to be much stronger and faster then both T-800 and T-1000.

In a way-too-detailed, way-too-rabid Predator vs. Aliens vs. Terminator thread on another message board a few years back (hell, I think Robocop may have been thrown in there briefly), someone cited some obscure comic or technical source that said that the Predators’ shoulder cannons (plasma launchers, IIRC), had sufficient energy to melt both a T-800’s metal skeleton and, IIRC, vaporize the T-X/T-1000’s liquid metal.

OTOH, they also mentioned that there are, in the comics, apparently, tank-sized liquid-metal Terminators, and it was generally agreed that these would pretty much destroy everything. YMMV.

On a side note, am I the only one who, when the conversation involves the model numbers for Terminators, thinks of the Texas Instruments line of graphing calculators?

There is no opponent against whom a Predator always wins. Remember that machismo: Against an inferior opponent, a Predator will always handicap itself sufficiently that there’s at least a chance of losing (it’s no fun otherwise). It is, however, possible to have a hypothetical opponent powerful enough (and unprincipled enough) that the predator will always lose, even with the gloves off. The question then just becomes what level of opponent is needed for that. I’m not sure there’s really a canon answer to that, since I don’t think we ever actually see a predator go full-out.

Where the hell is the Y= button?


But in general the Predator doesn’t get excessive with the handicaps until the end of the movie…er hunt. The vast majority of the people are taken by surprise from a distance I can’t see it being less cautious with a steel core cyborg. If we’re taking a time traveling T-800 with only normal guns it’ll just blast him full power retreat if that doesn’t work and come again from a new angle while the slow moving, confused by moving machinery, can’t hit normal humans led alone an agile hopping 7 foot lizard man, staggers around looking for his target.

He handicaps himself only as much as he needs to get a challange. A group of soldiers was thought to be more dangerous than a virtually unarmed Arnie. For a cyborg, he might bring a buddy. Or a tank.

And besides, Arnie called him out. A Terminator doesn’t understand human(oid) psychology enough to use the Pred’s machismo against him.

Well I don’t think we’re really disagreeing here but for the handicap part I was thinking more of when the Pred gets his cloak screwed and decides to drop down in the middle of a bunch of strangely armed and armored people with only his spear at the end of the second movie. Though of course we have no idea if he was able to analyze the situation and figure out exactly how they were armed (freeze cannons wasn’t it?) and decide they were no threat. Seemed a little too “OMG this will be a cool moment” by the writers then anything else.

Good point you’re not about to knock down a predator unless you surprise him or get him to play your game. Terminators just aren’t set up that way. They find you then they try to walk you down. That won’t happen with a predator and a T-800.