Terms That Drive Democrats Up The Wall

I’m not sure if The Pit is the best place for this, but figured posting it here wouldn’t be completely unreasonable.

I’m a libertarian-leaning Republican. I find as I read threads here and elsewhere that there are some terms used in posts such as ‘Shrub’ and ‘Pubbies’ that signal me to that I really don’t need to pay much further attention to the poster as he is not really interested in a real discussion.

I assume that those on the opposite side of the spectrum have similar terms that tick them off, but the only one that came to me off the top of my head was ‘Slick Willie’.

So I ask you, the left-leaning portion of the SDMB, what terms used by Republicans piss you off?

[drum roll]
…the definition of is!
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“Politically Correct” is so often misused and bandied about. Grrr!

That’s probably my #1 button. Which I trust nobody on these boards would dream of abusing :D.


Well, “Democrats” being used as a synonym for “left-leaning” kind of pisses me off.

IANAD, but I know that “liberal media” and “big government” and “tax 'n spend liberal” are some favorites.

“Throwing money at the problem.”
This is an empty term - it means “spending money on something, or in such a fashion, with which I do not agree.”

I too always skip the threads with “Shrub” in the title. I am not a fan of President Bush, but let us, here of all places, actually address issues rather than be reduced to childish mocking of his name. I always think to myself “What’s next, are we going to say he has cooties too?”

Well, I’ll plead guilty to being American-centric when it comes to political terms and such. But given that in this particular case the thread’s title and OP were pretty clearly regarding American politics so taking offense in this case wouldn’t make much sense.

“the Democrat party”. Generally used as a slur.

Something else that doesn’t make much sense is the grammar in my last sentence.

cckerberos, not even all left-leaning Americans are Democrats. There are third parties, and even independents, ya know.

“Throwing money at the problem.”
This is an empty term - it means “spending money on something, or in such a fashion, with which I do not agree.”

[Elmer Fudd holding his gun]

It’s a vast whitewing conspiwacy!

[/Elmer Fudd]

throwing money at a problem does mean more than that I think. some things are not matters of being too poor.

Expand on this?

To a conserative Republican, increasing subsidies for childcare for working mothers is “throwing money at a problem.” Giving millions in farm subsidies to agribusiness conglomerates is “saving the family farm.”

DanielWithrow gets upset every time I post that the lefties on the SDMB are out of touch with mainstream America, and that therefore they are likely to lose elections.

The left-of-center contingent also hates the terms “pro-life” and “gay agenda”, although for different reasons.


Shodan, I hate that you post it over and over without any evidence to back it up, and compare it to masturbating over and over like it’s a funny original joke, and make no allowances for the fact that your own political views are increasingly out of touch with mainstream America.

But yeah, actually, your specific overused joke was the first thing I thought of on reading the OP. I just figured it was too specific to use: it’s an annoying thing YOU say, as opposed to an annoying thing conservatives in general say.


The claims that all media is liberal. This is ignorance to the point of being stoopid. A simple search about who owns network television is an eye-opener. Note how it’s usually “liberal media”, but “conservative press”. I’m not sure why the distinction. Does “media” imply big brother, while “press” conjures reporters in fedoras with a pad and pencil, aka “just folks”?

Democrat=raving liberal: more ignorance, resulting in increased polarization of American politics

While the term itself doesn’t bother me, the way conservatives have used the phrase “class warfare” over the last decade or so is especially annoying. Much like the way those on the right-wing accuse liberals of using the word “racism”, it’s become an argument-terminator. For example, whenever anyone mentions the fact that Bush’s tax cuts or the proposal to abolish the estate tax would disproportionately benefit those in the highest tax brackets and lead to greater disparity in income, the Republicans retort by accusing the speaker using the “discredited” practice of class warfare to divide Americans thereby ending debate on the matter. Of course, this doesn’t prevent those on the right from using the terminology of class warfare in non-economic topics like support for the Iraqi War, environmentalism, and the “culture wars.” In those instances, the practice of pitting “hard-working, flag-waving, God-fearing, country-music-listening, red-state-living, real Americans” against the “decadent, disloyal, wine-and-brie, blue-state-living, limousine liberal elites” is perfectly acceptable.