Terrell Owens: A greedy, self-centered shitstain

Terrell Owens missed the deadline a few weeks ago to void the last three years of his contract and become a free agent. The 49ers were thrilled about this, and traded him to the Baltimore Ravens last Thursday, getting a 2nd round draft pick out of the deal.

But TO doesn’t want to play for the Ravens, he’s rather play for the Eagles. So he doesn’t bother to show up for his physical. Here is his reasoning:

Listen, you self-centered waste of flesh. You’re the one who fucked up here. Well, either you or your agent. Either way, you don’t get to pick your team. You’re 30 years old now, and while you’re still good, you’re not worth the millions and millions you think you are. You’re going to get paid an exorbant amount of money, $17.7 over the next three years. Most of us won’t see that kind of money in our entire lives. Quit your bitching and get to work.

If I was a football player is this day and age I would be greedy too and get as much money as you can without being a dick and crybaby. That said Owens has gone from bad to a real shit disturber. He should fire his stupid agent for screwing things up, it wasn’t like they knew he was not going to file for free agency. The papers should have been sent a week in advance. Instead they cry because someone didn’t remind them to send the blooming things. That is just plain lame. He thinks he is the best reciever in the league and could have been if not for his attitude, I’m surprised any one wants him but professional sports teams have no morals. He is a friggin cancer to a team. I really would have liked to see Ray Lewis handle the bastard.

I’m not a big fan of Davis, but I just can’t see getting up in arms about this. His agent has filed a grievance through the NFL player’s association. The association has asked the league to overturn the trade, and the whole mess has gone to arbitration as per the league’s collective bargaining agreement with the players. Why should he report to Baltimore when whether or not he should report to Baltimore is the very thing under arbitration?

Even if his case is weak, all the guy is saying is that he’s fighting the trade and plans to wait for the results of the arbitration. That’s all. Lord Ashtar conveniently left out the second part of the quote:

Hey, as long as he’s not wearing a 49rs jersey this year, I don’t care. The guy is a cancer and the last thing my team needs is a distraction. We’ve got so many problems I don’t even know where to begin, except for the front office.

Back when I was taking photos of 49ers games, one of the handful of times I got to touch an actual used-in-a-game ball was when Owens dropped a pass in the corner of the end zone.

Good times!

Hey dumbass TO:

You could have “exercised your right” to play for another team by adhering to your contract! What if the team “exercises their right” to not pay your worthless, whining ass? Go to arbitration on that one!

According to this article :
"The receiver might have made more on the open market, but his free-agency opportunity vanished with the paperwork foul-up. Owens’ 1999 contract stipulated that Owens had until March 2 to file, but a provision in the 2001 collective bargaining agreement changed the date to Feb. 21.

Upshaw said he faxed Joseph notification in early February, but Owens contends that he, too, should have received a letter."

His agent screwed up and Owens is claiming its someone elses fault except him. The agent had the notification in early February and could not find the time to file it. I think Owens is his biggest client. Fire the guy.

Question for TO:

Which of the following teams most recently won a Superbowl:

a) your current team (49ers)
b) the team you want to join (Eagles)
c) the team you’re rejecting (Ravens)?

Disclaimer: I know this is no guarantee of future success, especially with Jamal Lewis’s current woes.

Anyway, if Owens gets his wish and signs with the Eagles, at least he’ll get to lose the AFC championship game.

The Eagles are in the NFC aren’t they?

a) The Eagles can’t go to the AFC Championship game, and

b) Which team out of your a, b, and c has a quarterback who can throw an accurate pass more than four yards? Here’s a clue: Tim Rattay hasn’t, and Kyle Boller definitely can’t.

c) Owens is a whining prima donna and deserves the can of whoop-ass that Ray Lewis and Pete Boulware will open up on him in training camp.

Translation: “If I can’t get my way, I guess I’ll play for the team I’m contractually obligated to and collect my $5.3 million.”

It’s March and he’s already getting off to a bad start with his new team by not taking the physical he was scheduled for yesterday. He’s whining and crying like a little bitch, and that’s what I pitted him for.

I bet that agent must feel pretty damn uncomfortable around TO. You can probably taste the fear in the air.

Wow, your user name really says it all. So, 7 games into his pro carreer, and you’re writing Boller off? That’s brilliant. How many years did it take John Fucking Elway to win a Superbowl? About 14, wasn’t it? Troy Aikmam won 1 game his first season. I am not comparing Boller to either of those gentlemen, but to say he’s unable to "throw an accurate pass more than four yards? " is just monumentally stupid. He’s only played in 7 games in the NFL. He had an acceptable rookie year before he was hurt, and the Ravens have hired Jim Fassel, who has a long history of being a genius with QBs ( He’s produced and won with Collins, Graham, even Boomer Eisiason when he was 85, among others ) to basically be Boller’s private coach. T.O. dosen’t have anything to worry about. If he came here, he’d be about the only downfield passing option, and with 7-8 men in the box to stop Jamaal and Todd Heap demanding attention from defenses, he’d be looking at lots of single coverage. If he’s half the reciever he thinks he is, he could run wild. Your “Boller can’t play” hypothesis is ignorant, however. I’d say “not all that bright” is a charitable assesment of your mental skills.

Not biggest; almost his only.
So here’s the dilemma: I share Lord Ashtar’s take on the situation; and yet I am also an Eagles fan. How ought I feel?

Happy that T.O. won’t be tearing your team apart with his patented brand of asshattery?

Good thing they have a solid claim on T.O., because after your boy Jamal goes to the buttfuck house they’re gonna need all the help they can get at wide receiver. It’s not like any teams will have to worry about the running game anymore.

Oh, and next time you see Jamal, be sure to thank him for making the Steelers a 1st place team again. :smiley:

So, that’s your take on the Stillers? They’re not good enough to be a first place team on their own, they have to depend on the other teams in their division to drop the ball before they would be capable of 1st place?
Sounds about right.

I can see that we all miss fottball here.

Owens was a jerk when he reneged on the Eagles deal to go to the Ravens. now, he reconsiders? I do not want to see him in a Ravens uniform, but this inspired confusion he is causing needs to be resolved.

As far as sportsmanship and self-sacrifice go, how about Jerome Bettis? Granted, he may be washed up already, but giving up a possible $3 mil to help the team stay under the salary cap and wanting to retire from the Steelers when the time comes is a throwback to past times- and is one of the things I admire about the Steelers organization. They do treat their players well, to an extent, and the players seem to appreciate this.

I can’t see Owens doing something like this. His current course of action is helping no one, not even himself.

Baltimore really needs someone who can get the ball to Owens; he can’t do shit without decent passing. Maybe Boller will mature enough to be that guy, Jamal Lewis is good but no running back can carry a team- just ask Barry Sanders.

Airman, I’d love to agree with you- but if things go as they have for the Steelers in free agency, and they screw up the draft again, it will be another long season. Regardless of the Ravens’ capabilities, the Bungles may be a force to be reckoned within the division as well.

Okay, panties in a bunch… release.

“Kyle Boller can’t throw a decent pass more than 4 yards” somehow translates to you as “this guy will never ever ever be any good even though that idea is nowhere in the original sentence”.

I’m sure Boller will be a decent quarterback one day; it just won’t be this year or next. TO is on the dark side of thirty, and his hourglass is nearly empty. He needs to win NOW, not in four years.

My “Boller can’t play” hypothesis is dead on and you’re a dipshit.

I agree. I hate players that are like Owens.