Terrell Owens attempts suicide

My husband just told me.

Other reports say it was an allergic reaction.


The more recent reports say attempted suicide.

How’s this going to affect the spread for this weekend’s game?

First of all, I hope Mr. Owens gets some help with his psychological issues. After that, I’m wondering how/whether this will affect the way people perceive depression.

I can see this leading to a pit thread… but I will just keep my mouth shut on the matter…

Yeah, good job doing that.


We were first :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

and WTF was that supposed to mean?..

Not, I hope, as the province of overprivileged, narcissistic, antagonistic one-(valuable)-trick-ponies who have a long history of misbehaving in order to attract attention! That would be far too cruel to many people who are depressed and still, somehow, manage not to be assholes.

You’re right. Wow. It was obvious the dude had some issues, but suicide?

I was congratulating you on your restraint in not posting to the thread.

I wasn’t try to restrain from posting in the thread, last I knew it was open to all… I was stating my opinion that I feel that this story could lead to some mixed comments on the situation.
And thanks for the sarcastic congratulation, I appreciate it.

Since there’s already a thread about this (in IMHO, but it’ll probably soon find its way over to the proper forum), I’ll close this one down.