Terri Schiavo RIP 3/31/05


Thanks, Annie.

I wish peace and healing to her whole family. (Well, maybe it’ll come after they get through fighting about the funeral arrangements, anyway.)

What an odd title. I would have thought it would read something like the following:
Theresa Marie (Terri) Schiavo 1963-1990, R.I.P.

Sadly the $#1!storm is far from over but I hope that Terri’s soul is at peace finally…if it wasn’t already that way for fifteen years. TheLadyLion and I have already discussed living wills but ee’ll take action on it now and discuss it with other family members.

The picture they posted on that link makes it look like she was a bit incapacitated before the heart attack that led to her being in a PVS. Her hands look gnarled.

Did something happen to her before the heart attack?

Very true! I hope both sides can finally move past this… spectacle… sigh

May all sides of this debate finally find sympathy and comfort as they mourn, and may Terri finally rest in peace. :frowning:

The caption says that the photo was taken after her heart attack, so that would explain the state of her hands.

Hopefully this mess will be over soon.

They want to do an autopsy?!! :eek:

WTF for?

RIP Terri.

Perhaps now the news will turn to far more critical issues. Michael Jackson’s trial coverage and whether the Pope still has Parkinson’s. :rolleyes:

Yes, she had been suffering from bulimia for years. Her bulimia lead to her heart attack (an imbalance of potassium I believe).

Oops. I misread the caption.

I hope her soul and body can finally find some peace.

Not that a cite is required here, but has this conclusion been reliably supported?

Michael wants the autopsy to prove that Terri was, in fact, brain dead and that there was nothing which could be done to restore her to health. Terri’s parents want it, because they think that it will prove physical abuse on Micheal’s part.

IANARadiologist, but couldn’t that have been studied with an MRI scan (or something similar) while she was alive?

It was at least a significant part of the lawsuit Michael Schiavo won some years ago.

You mean like the ones here? Terri’s family argues that they’re not conclusive. Given that the image shows a huge freakin’ hole where a significant portion of her brain is supposed to be, I’d say that they were conclusive, but IANAR either.

I believe the most familiar image of Terri’s brain is a CT scan. There is no MRI because she can’t undergo an MRI procedure.

At one point, Michael had taken Terri to California for a new therapy that involved implanting electrodes to stimulate her brain tissue, to see if it could cause it to begin regenerating. The therapy didn’t work, but the electrodes were left in because opening her up to remove them would cause more damage than it would help. Because she has electrodes in there, they couldn’t do an MRI, as the magnetic fields of the machine would apparently cause the electrodes to move around, ripping NEW damage into what brain tissue is still intact.

Who had her in the Celebrity Death Pool?