Terrible, terrible camera in H.A.W.X.--any way to fix it?

I got the demo for Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. after seeing some folks playing it at a LAN party. It seems like it could be a lot of fun, except for one thing–the camera in “Assistance Off” mode (aka “Training Wheels off, it actually handles like a fighter instead of a super-stable cessna” mode) is fixed in this absolutely retarded third-person omniscient mode, and everything I’ve seen online says the game devs like it that way damnit. Me, I found it so awful that I literally spent 10 minutes going over settings and hammering on the “change camera angles” buttons trying to make it do anything else–I literally thought the game was bugging out rather than it being an intentional design decision.

So my question to the dopers:

  1. Anyone have this game and can tell me if the retail version lets you have a sensible cockpit perspective in assistance off mode?
  2. If the answer to #1 is no, does anyone know of any mods, patches, or hacks that will enable me to use a sensible cockpit perspective?

I mean, it looks like a fun PC flight sim, and I really REALLY want to be able to enjoy it enough to give UbiSoft some money for it.

Holy crap I know! I played the x360 demo and I literally had to quit cause the damn camera angle on the training mission was so terrible. Trying to line up my plane with my target from that angle was so frustratingly hard. I don’t mind difficulty in a game, but it shouldn’t come from an inability to see properly

Here’s the thing: it’s not meant to be flight sim, it’s an arcade game. It’s meant to look cool and play fast.

I understand that, but it makes it impossible to aim. It’s not like in Blazing Angels, Ace Combat or Crimson Skies, which are all arcade-style games, where you can still see the direction your plane is moving in thus being able to, you know, shoot the thing you’re aiming at. The camera in HAWX is just terrible. It goes to this weird third person far-away view that doesn’t move at all and you have no sense of direction any longer

I recognize that, and in fact, I like the idea of a fast-playing arcadey fighter game. But as PopeJewish says, the lack of ANY reference points in Assistance-Off mode makes it barely possible to navigate in the general direction of enemies, let along lock on missiles–gun kills are right the hell out.

If I wanted Jane’s Fighters Anthology, I’d just play that. What I want is Ace Combat on my PC, with my joystick–no one is delivering that.

I dunno if the blazing angels series is on PC, but Crimson Skies was. That’s a great game. It’s a bit old by now, but I used to play it with a joystick on my PC. Loads of fun

The dogfight camera in HAWX is annoying and exists solely so you can watch your fighter drift around corners while evading a missile.

There were attempts to mod the camera starting with the release of the demo but none were succesful. The only mods out there are weapon mods and aircraft skins.

If you are looking for a new PC arcade sim then have a look at Wings of Prey. It is the PC version of the console game IL-2 Birds of Prey. It is WW2 however so if you are looking for a jet fix then HAWX is it at the moment.

Lemme tell you man, I played the CRAP out of Crimson Skies, but it no works so good on 64-bit Vista.

That’s actually what drew me to HAWX–watching some dudes play it and thinking “this looks almost exactly like Crimson Skies with Jets”.

Dammit, nostalgia now. “Bandits inbound on the Pandora! I make four Peacemakers, British markings!”

I’ll definitely grab the Wings of Prey demo tonight–I’m already going to be in love if any of the twin-engine light bombers are flyable.