Terrorists are not victims you idiots!

Switching around the various channels to get the latest, I have noticed that they have been able to tally up the number of passengers and crew on board all four planes which were hijacked to a total of 266 victims.
Excuse me for knit picking, but I would like to make and amendment to this. If you consider, from various reports, that there were an estimated three hijackers on each plane, that would be a total of 12 hijackers. So the reporters should read 254 victims and 12 mass murderers.

Please feel free to add whatever expletives you wish to describe further the worthlessness of the 12 ignorant brainwashed fundamentalist (I was going to add pigs, but I wouldn’t want to offend pigs).

(Thanks to Bibliophage for suggesting the subject title).

Are you sure that the news report hasn’t taken that into account already?

I heard one report that said there were 278 killed on the planes. So this is at least another possibility.

Yes. I double-checked with press releases from AA and UA.

Flight AA11 81 passengers and 11 crew.
Flight AA77 58 passengers and 6 crew
Flight UA93 38 passengers and 7 crew.
Flight UA175 56 passengers and 9 crew.
Total 266 passengers and crew.
Conclusion: Estimated 254 victims and 12 terrorists.

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The crawls I’ve seen on every channel don’t talk about the number of “victims” aboard the planes. They talk about the number of dead. Of course terrorists are not victims (except, perhaps, of their own fanaticism), but it’s not particularly helpful (especially since we don’t know how many hijackers were on each plane) to try to divide them up into “victims” and “mass murderers” on the news.

The exact numbers of hijackers are not yet confirmed. If the news media overestimates, then the deaths of innocent victims are unreported. If they underestimate, then terrorists are included as victims anyway.

worthless - whats the value of all those lives (and the WTC, etc.). I don’t know if you can call something that destroys all that ‘worthless’

ignorant - maybe mislead but very well trained and most likely smart - please don’t underestimate them - it will be our downfall.

According to their beliefs they are w/ god and have each 7 virgin servants - who can compeat w/ that? (so ‘brainwashed fundamentalist’ is OK.