Terry Pratchett OKs Night Watch TV Series

Story here.

I have to say, I was not terribly enamored of “The Colour of Magic” nor “Hogfather,” although I don’t think they were truly awful. Still, I look forward to checking this out via whatever means I will need to employ from the US.

Shall we start casting now?

I wasn’t particularily thrilled with either film either, but I’ve always thought that the City Watch books would have been the most filmable, and wondered why they didn’t just start with them. I’ll also be watching, however I can.

Wow. That’s…not good news at all. They will surely fuck it up in a myriad of ways.

How about Jamie Bamber as Carrot?
As for Angua… is Billie Piper still doing that series about the prostitute?
And why not James Nesbitt as Vimes?

I feel kind of sorry for whoever ends up playing Nobby.

I think that the last series has been filmed. But in my mind Angua should be a tall women and Billie comes in at 5’5" (according to IMDB).

A bit out of left field, but it might work: Anthony Stewart Head as Vimes.

Good choices all. But unless they have some great CGI, Detritus is going to be MIA.

Brad Dourif could probably essay a good Nobby. Mark Addy as Colon?

I could see Lee Evans as Nobby.

But they will probably cast with relative unknowns, like they have for the films.

Incidentally, the cast they chose for the most recent, Going Postal, was excellent. Angua was in that one.

You know that commercial <for what, I’m still not sure…Windows, maybe> where the couple is stuck at the airport and the husband looks up and brainstorms “To the cloud!”?

Every time I see that I think he would be a good Carrot. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yep, it’s Windows 7; the commercial’s on Youtube.


Anyone else see it, or is it just me? The possibilities, I mean.
For the record, I haven’t been influenced by much beyond my own imagination as far as what the characters all look like. To me, the glimpses I had of Angua in the movie previously mentioned didn’t really do it for me.
But for some reason, this guy screams ‘CARROT!’
Though he probably looks different than what Pratchett might have meant.

Carrot is supposed to be like a redheaded Captain Awesome (from Chuck). Broad shouldered, narrow hips, i.e. shaped like a carrot.

Pratchett’s books are good because the writing is funny, not because the plots are particularly hilarious or compelling. So I don’t think a film version is ever going to capture whats memorable about the books.


I loved SkyOne’s Hogfather, and Colour of Magic was pretty good, too. I thought the guy they got to play Nobby in Hogfather was as perfect as you could possibly get; hell, with the possible exception of Susan I thought the casting in Hogfather was absolutely dead on, and the atmosphere was perfect.

Now, that was SkyOne, so I don’t know what Prime Focus would do with it. But it can be done well IMO.

That picture GuanoLad linked doesn’t look at all like my mental image of Angua. For one thing, I expected her hair to be much more bodied, rather than just hanging straight and limp like that. And maybe it’s just the lighting in that scene, but she’s awfully pale.

They went with a Norse actress (with augmented wolfen eyes), even though Überwald is based on eastern Europe.

Still, everyone has different ideas of what the characters look like. I tend towards the Paul Kidby approach most of the time.

By the way, how about Danny Webb for Vimes?

John Candy would have been a superb Sergeant Colon.

Going Postal was very well done. My mental picture of Vetinari has changed forever, and for the better.

He might be a bit too young and a bit too goofy looking, but maybe Rupert Grint could play Carrot.

Jason Statham in a wig?


I think the best suggestions I’ve seen from other web sites are:

Brendan Fraser as Carrot. It’ll never happen, but he’s got that goofy, boyish earnest thing going on, besides being very tall and imposing without being brutish.

Michael Hogan as Vimes. My only gripe would be that I think he’s a little too old, but if Saul Tigh was any indication, the man can do complex, layered, surly-with-a-good-heart like nobody’s business.

I also really liked Jeremy Irons as Vetinari. The voice alone is excellent; it’s just so silky smooth and seductive, yet he can make it sharp and dangerous in an instant when he needs to.

Angua’s tough. Seems to me she needs to be long and lean and fit, with an undercurrent of danger, yet still feminine. Lena Heady, maybe?

Nick Frost as Colon?