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Pat, if you liked Jingo, I suggest you pick up some of Terry’s other books. Pratchett’s got a nice little setup for Discworld; he’s got three or four main sets of characters, which he alternates focus on for each book. Jingo is one of the City Watch books; if you like the characters, try Guards! Guards!, Feet of Clay! and Men at Arms. I have to say that the Watch books are some of my favorites as well (Guards! Guards! was my first Discworld book), but I also enjoy the Witches. And anything with the staff of Unseen University in it.

Any other Dopers out there read Pratchett? I know cher3 does, but anyone else? And cher3, which was your favorite?

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I’ve read almost all of them… they’re very entertaining :smiley:

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I love 'em as well. Especially the Discworld ones. I LOVE Mort!

Love Pratchett, liked Sourcery best.

The Luggage cracks me up. Why can’t I get a piece of luggage like that?

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Love Pratchett, liked Sourcery best.

The Luggage cracks me up. Why can’t I get a piece of luggage like that?

“All you need to be a superhero is a heart that is pure, a mind that
is strong, and underwear that is fresh!”

~Dav Pilkey

I love Pratchett too! Most of the people I know who read SF/fantasy have never heard of him, though. OTOH, I don’t know a lot of people who read SF/fantasy. Every time I reread one, I find something in it that I missed the first time.

I like the ones with Granny Weatherwax best. I just reread Lords and Ladies after seeing A Midsummer Night’s Dream again, because I wanted to refresh my memory on what the parallels were.

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Yeah, I really enjoyed Jingo, the characters were alot of fun. I like the hint that Carrot is the king. I wasn’t sure if that was brought out more in other books, but in the end of this one, its very strong.
So, I do look forward to finding another one. I usually get books from the thrift store and used book stores, so I get lucky sometimes and find specific things. Thats the best place to buy em, then I dont feel bad about reading in the bathtub, or dropping pizza sauce on the pages.


My brother, a lurker at this very board, introduced me to Pratchett’s books. Woohoo! My favorites are, of course, the Night Watch and the Witches.

And, if no one’s mentioned it before, go get a copy of Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The Apocalypse has never been funnier. :wink:

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I don’t like Pratchett’s work. Or at least, I don’t like the few Discworld novels that I’ve slogged through. Some of the plot ideas are kinda neat, but the writing style is unskillful and downright irritating. If the text could speak, it would sound like Fran Drescher doing an impression of Gilbert Godfried with a lungful of helium. At 200 decibels.

We will now return you to your distasteful Terry Pratchett love-fest. Vive la revolucion!


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My favourite is Maskerade. For some reason I just like the way it plays out, and Walter Plinge is adorable :slight_smile:

But I like almost all of them. There are a few (Lords and Ladies, Interesting Times) tht didn’t grab me so much, and occasionally he lapses and his humour seems a bit repetitive or forced, but he’s still 90% better than anyone else in his genre.

The man is a genius!

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Pratchett is one of the few people who has written a long fantasy series and never seemed stale. I love his stuff, especially SMALL GODS, PYRAMIDS, and the stories about the watch (esp. GUARDS, GUARDS). And don’t forget to read his footnotes!


As you can tell from my Screen name, I am a fan of Discworld.

Auraseer, which books did you read that you didn’t like? If they were the early ones, you should try some of the later books. Discworld is one of the few series that keeps getting better as more books come out.

Has anyone read Pratchett’s other books? There is a Johnny Maxwell trilogy, a Gnome trilogy, and some solo books.

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And as I said in the reading thread, The Fifth Elephant is now out, and so far is quite entertaining. I am now looking to get Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook just as soon as my connections can arange it. :slight_smile: (Forgot to ask him about it monday when I bought Elephant. Takes forever to get PTerry’s stuff here in the states.)

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Aura: I can do ya one better… I’ve never even heard of Terry Pratchett or Discworld or anything else these flaky weirdos are talking about.

Note to the humour-impaired: I like flaky weirdos.

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I think Terry Pratchett isn’t any great literary genius or anything, but his books are entertaining and captivating and the Discworld series has an engaging set of characters and a fun premise. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

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