Terry Pratchett's "Nation." Anybody read it yet?

I just finished it this afternoon. Interesting. I would have preferred another Discworld novel, but any Pratchett is better than no Pratchett. A fun little story, with some good lessons in it. I see it as a good book for kidlets who have read the Tiffany Aching books, but aren’t quite ready for the full Disc.

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any Pratchett is better than no Pratchett.

I’m with you there. Now I will have to go get a copy…
Has anyone heard how he is doing, as far as his health is concerned?

He is unable to use a keyboard anymore. He has to dictate the stories to someone, which may explain why Making Money was less than thrilling.

Nation isn’t released here yet. It may be a long time, as I can’t even find any information on publishing dates.

The joys of Amazon.uk. :smiley:

International shipping is quite reasonable, really.

You have no idea how much that sentence makes my heart hurt. :frowning:

Any word on a North America release?

silenus, can you please give a quick blurb on the book itself?

Who, what, where, the basics.

Amazon UK link.

Basic outline: Girl, British, Victorian, one each. Sailing to meet Father, who is Ambassador to East Bumfuck, South Pacific. Boy, native, one each. On way back to island home after manhood ritual. Big-ass wave. Penis ensues. Add in cannibals, talkative dead ancestors, a parrot that would be a perfect fit in a bordello, Death (Different name, different attitude. Doesn’t speak LIKE THIS.), and beer.

It seems I may have misinterpreted an earlier article on his status, he’s in a better state than I thought.

You could make a case that it relieves social unrest . . .