Test - ignore


Is it a poll owned by a pole?

I’ve been disenfranchised.

OK - this seriously needs to stop

I think the polls should either stay open longer or we should get to send in absentee ballots.

No. 2 was really the best candidate, but sadly the excess of media attention for the “scream” really doomed the campaign. It’s a pity. If only the people were less like sheep!

Take your wins where you can get them, zoid! I’m sure choice #1 is.


I thought this was a private poll!

Dammit, #2 is the obvious choice for thinking people.

Move it along; nothin’ to see here…I actually almost did a test thread just to see if I could do nested spoilers like this, but decided against it. But hey, since we’ve already got a test thread going, what the hell? The secret ingredient is phone.


I have evidence! Evidence, I say, that #1 was given an unfair advantage due to the ballot layout, and that many people voted for #1 who intended to vote for #2!

Also, #1 is an Arab! And socialist! And atheist! And communist! And a tool of mega corporations! Clearly, what we have here is a threat to our democracy!

I keep ignoring this thread like I was told to, but it still keeps getting longer and longer!! :mad:

In Russia, threads ignore you.

Actually, the OP is a weeping angel; he wanted us to ignore him so he could send us back in time/eat us/break our necks (depending on which version of angel he happened to be). Luckily, we’ve all been keeping him at bay by making sure someone is always looking at this thread.

Could someone have tampered with the test scores? We demand an internal audit.

I didn’t get to vote.

I was good and I ignored the thread until now, but I finally gave in to temptation.

I would have answered sooner, but I don’t read ATMB very often.

This is where all the cool people hang out.