Test - ignore

Test - ignore

You left out 5 as an option.
Though I would say that 6 is closer to my situation.

Don’t fight the hypothetical.

I would have voted for 3.5, but that wasn’t an option and I didn’t want to vote for 4, so I went with 3.

Also where is the pie?

We can not ignore this betrayal, zoid. Expect to hear from us in the next few weeks.

I voted for 1 and 4, because 5 was my number in college.
I came close to voting for 2 and 3, though, because 5 was my number in college.

Pi is the correct answer.

Yes, also left out was π although we might grant that 3.5 (if that had been included) would be close enough (and then some). EVERY poll on SDMB is required to have π

But hey, this is just a test thread in the ATMB forum, which is designated for (among other things), test threads. So if the OP must be gently advised of the requirement to include π in EVERY poll, what better place than here to do it?

Oh, Hi, zoid. We want π – Yummy, piping hot sugary apple π (my preference anyway) with cinnamon of course. π π π !

ETA: You might (optionally) include goat and squid options too, the better to accommodate any Dopers whose preferences run along those lines. Might as well be all-inclusive in your polls!

I’m gonna be really bummed if this turns out to get the most replies of any thread I’ve started. :wink:

Well, in that case, I want 3.14159 pies with ice cream.

Not at all! You’ll just learn how simple it is to start a thread that will get a lot of replies. You can then proceed to start many more just like it. (Just not too many in any one day, though.)

And while you’re ignoring this thread, whatever you do, don’t be thinking of a pink elephant!

Yes. Now go away and come back.


I don’t follow instructions well.

How can I ignore
The poll next door?

Needs a modfix-#1 and #3 are the same.

Can I vote in the poll even though I have the OP on ignore?

Not much love for 2 out there. Weird. (I voted 4, like any rational person would).

Voting for Underdog 2.

I think I voted for all of them. Omnivore, you know. Plus I may have been drunk. Don’t really remember.