test mouseover with brackets

R[obert]O[scar]S[am]E[dward]B[enjamin]U[lysses]D[avid] is Richard Petrie’s middle name.

Just HAD to try it for yourself, didn’t you? :smiley:

[JC]I did not know that.[/JC]

Do I get paid royalties on this one?

*Apparantly [the][above][word][is][too][short][for][a][post].

I think that’s a quirk where vB thinks thinks in brackets are code, so it doesn’t count them for the purposes of determining if you actually put text on the field. Ergo, you could fill the edit window with text in brackets and it would be too short.

That is certainly the case if you try to answer one quote with another quote. You have to at least put a smilie or something in there to have 2 characters.