Test. Please Ignore.

Weird Little Car.

Just seeing if the link works.

photobucket shrunk one of my pictures without telling me.

That’s bouquet!

Runs and hides behind the privet hedge.

You guys get Hyacinth??? (sp?)

Yeah they show a few great British comedies on PBS, from time to time. Keeping Up Appearances (obviously), Are You Being Served (one of my favorites) As Time Goes By (I absolutely adore that show)… I’ve seen a few eps of One Foot in the Grave, which I also really enjoyed (one was the ep where the woman’s mum died… very moving episode).

But Hyacinth and her “Bouquet” never cease to slay me. Funny, funny stuff.

Of the ones you listed IMO One Foot in the Grave is the best. You need to see more of it.

The [SIZE=6]Bouquet residence! Lady of the house speaking!..[/SIZE]