Test Post, please ignore

testies, toes, :wink:

Speaking of which, if anyone would link me to a clip of Neil Innes’ “Hello, Testing, One-Two…” (I used to have it on a vinyl album) I’d surely appreciate it!

I am still trying to get my podcast up and running, so that y’all can hear my “dulcet tones”. :wink:

Did y’all know I used to be known as “The Velvet Frog” (sorry Mel Torme’) in my radio days?



I was King Tut.


in 1963

for about 20 minutes

What a coincidence!

I was Batman in 1963! Didn’t I kick the cr@p out of you?

Quasi, will this help?

Hello testing, one…
Are we on? Are we on?
bass plugged in? Okay…

Hello testing (one two)
Testing (ONE TWO)
How do you do?
Testing (one two)
It’s ONE
be here
Testing one two, testing one two


The 60s!?

The 60s!?

Don’t talk about the 60s!

My favorite keyboard character is the ampersand.

It helps, buddy, but I need at least the “original” version as an MP3 if nothing else.

Neal was a very un-noticed song writer for the Pythons, IMHO!

My first wife never “got” them.

My second wife (“same as the first!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsCeVdCDqjE) doesn’t either!

Thanks, Jake!

You rock!