Test post

For some reason, this got mucked up when I posted in IMHO. Testing here.

As for all-time favorites, Bad Bob is up there with Big Daddy.

with replaced brackets (if someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong):
As for all-time favorites, {url=http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0021/0021_01.asp}Bad Bob{/url} is up there with {url=http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0055/0055_01.asp}Big Daddy{/url}.

{url=“http:\www.straightdope.com”}Straight Dope{/url}

{ = [ etc.

Quotation marks, eh? That’s what I’m missing…

Another test-

This thread.

I think this works w/o quotes as long as you don’t string two links together.