Damn long URL's

Am I the only one who refuses to read threads that some dolt has completely ruined by placing a URL which is so long and jumbled with meta tags (or whatever that gobbledegook is) that I need to scroll left and right, as well as up and down. It just not worth the trouble.

Consider this a PSA in the fight against improper URL linking.

If you must insert an obscenely screwed up link don’t just paste it in there and allow the UBB code to botch things up. Use the following method.

< a href=“long screwed up link” > Type a witty or descriptive phrase about said screwed link < /a >

Remove the spaces around the < & >.

You can also use the UBB {URL=} code.
{URL=“Your Link”}“Witty Name”{/URL}

(replace “{” and "}"with “[” and “]”)

This has been brought up in my thread in “About This Board” called That New UBB [URL=] code which coincidentally(sp?) has been “Side-Scrolled” by a mistake I made.

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