Check out my crappy new webpage!

Hi everyone. I have created a new webpage where I post links to interesting or bizarre forum posts, sort of like SDMB’s own “Threadspotting” but on a larger scale. I’m trying to cover everything from video games to politics, and anything that looks outrageous, strange, or funny (you’ll notice I hit the SDMB a lot.) The posted links are rather mundane right now, but I hope to remedy that with user submissions. I’d like to implement a database with a top 10 where people can vote on their favorite posts.

What do you think of this concept? Does it interest you at all? And more importantly, is it legal?

The URL is

  • Mikey

Looks like a cool start to me.

Don’t know about the legalities, but it’s a good idea.

What legal problems could there be? All it is is a list of links.

It looks like a good start to me.

I dunno, message boards seem to have a lot of odd rules. Like “don’t link to a message that refers to itself as itself.” Or “your writings when posted become property of The Giant Mother Spider.” Forum mods scare me, especially the SDMB ones. They might eat me if I make them angry.

Cool idea!

Couple of suggestions:

Make the fonts and font sizes consistent throughout the page. (CSS would help - great tutorial here.

Maybe add a short humorous description of each post - e.g.

My patient’s bizarre penis
You’ll never eat a bagel dog again…

They’re their own rules, made up for users of the board. If the board is publicly-available, there’s no legal reason to not link to it. Annoying mods is another matter :wink:

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Makes me wish I knew something about web programming. As it is, my cat is doing it for me. Pretty good for a cat though, huh?

Send me some submissions please, if you’re at work and you have nothing better to do… like work. Also, what are some other good SDMB “everything-and-the-kitchen-toilet” type forums that I can lurk?

My thoughts:

An excellent idea. Kind of like “” for message boards!


I find that as I scroll down, (and the legend scrolls off the screen) I can’t remember the color code. Perhaps consider having icons that actually say the topic, rather than a plain coloured rectangle.

Better yet, organize your tables by topic, much like how this forum is laid out. Within each topic area, put the newest posts at the top, and drop the bottom one off the list (or to archives if you’re making them).

I don’t know how you’re sourcing these (I assume old-fashioned HTML coding) but also consider putting the name of the originating forum in small print. I know not to click on anything from “nasty sites” when I’m at work, while I can trust posts at SDMB otoh.

Also, on my set up (Firefox browser, 17" monitor) There’s a lot of white space at the top. I pretty much see only the logo and legend and one or two links before I have to scroll down. See if you can’t get that tightened up a bit to bringing things up higher (maybe put the legend off to the side, or make it smaller).

I know the gist of the site cause I read your OP, but somebody stumbling on it may not quite get what it’s about at first glance.

Not sure how the mods would feel about me linking to other boards, but there are some major forum communities missing that you could look at for threads.

Rum monkey just literally said what I just typed almost word for word.

Oh well, I’m too slow.

I’ve listened to your expert suggestions and killed the legend. They’re now ordered by category. Our expert artist is working on better layout stuff.

I know you can’t link to other forums here, so could you please email me with a few good ones?


I like it… I added you to my link bar, right next to SDMB… Put a counter perhaps… I am curious to how many people are hitting it.

If you want some actual programming, like scripts to automate some tasks, and allow visitors to submit links directly or just about anything else you can imagine, let me know. Drop me an email.