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what is PHP

Does submit look like preview

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Still don’t know what PHP is.

You forgot [del]qwerty[/del].

Test WTF?



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Test what…confusing :frowning:

Hate to see what a can of spinach would do to that…


 tag performs the same function as the 

tag, but also adds syntax highlighting for PHP code. Although it is designed for PHP, it may correctly highlight some other C-like languages.

Example Usage:

$myvar = 'Hello World!';
for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++)
    echo $myvar . "

Found this on Google:

So I went there and it looks like a page of year old post. Is that just some renegade attempt to …[what]…?

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Hold on now, I missed this the first time around.

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It just didn’t take off. And while the creator, shijinn, still posts here, he seems less active as of late.

Happy New Year, while we’re at it!

Goo goo.