Test thread - tags

Just testing the tagging feature.

Looks good, I’m going to remove the tags now as I’m trying to keep them clean.
Also really only for The Game Room & The Café.

One of the nice things with the Tags, is clicking the Tag (Like Netflix) will pull up all of the Netflix threads that have been tagged. Or baseball-mlb will pull up most of the baseball threads on the SDMB.

No problem.

I figured you wouldn’t want me doing test threads in those fora.

I would suggest you expand their use into the Politics and Elections forum. We could tag threads on specific topics like Biden, Trump, Congress, Supreme Court, Russia, China, UK, Israel, Putin, January 6, voter suppression, pro-life, guns, alt-right.

I’ll ask about it at the next meeting. P&E & GD could use the same tags.